A Loving Father

Sorry, I haven’t much time to write lately.  This is my first try at something like this and I still haven’t really found my “groove” yet.

Have you ever had one of those experiences with God where you suddenly were more aware of Him as your Father?  I had one of those on Tuesday.  It started with a little discipline.  I’ve grown a little lazy as of late with my quite time.  Oh, it’s there, but it hasn’t been as personal.  I haven’t spent the time I need to in prayer and searching the scripture – letting God speak to me.  I woke up, had a little something to drink, sat down with my bible, and God began to speak to me.  It was as if my father were sitting right in front of me with a concerned, loving look on his face telling me that He was concerned about me.

    because the Lord disciplines those he loves,

        as a father the son he delights in.

Proverbs 3:12

He was confirming that He loves me.

Then, after some time in conversation, I opened the word.  Here’s where the second part of discipline, the really great part, kicked in.  It was the love part.  Are you like me?  After I discipline my children, I sit and love on them for a few minutes.  I want them to know that I discipline them because I love them.  My daily Psalm reading took me to Psalm 61.  I read it and 62.  Then I read the 2nd chapter of Luke.  In preparation for Christmas, I’ve been reading the first part of the book of Luke.  I was hit by the incredible nature of the birth of Christ.  His lordship packed into a tiny manger.  The God of the universe wrapped in flesh and housed in a barn.  All at His choice.  A decision of love for me.  All at once, I felt the warm embrace of a loving Savior.

It was a great moment with my Father.  My heavenly Daddy.  Thank you Lord.  I love You.



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