Seek in 2008

I’m not one for “New Year’s Resolutions.”  Trying to make big changes just because the calendar shows a new year rarely works.  I’m having trouble just writing the correct year.  But the new year is naturally a time when people reflect on their lives and the course they are on.  Why not make 2008 a year for seeking the Lord?  There is no greater goal.


As I search the Word, I find the word “seek” and its various forms used so many times.  It is tied to worship, service, finding God, and pleasing Him.  We can cut through the difficulty of religion if we just do one thing: seek the God.  Seek Him through His Word (the Bible). Seek Him by spending time in conversation with Him (yes, prayer, but also try to spend some time listening).  Commit time to seeking Him.  Get up a little earlier each day and jump into the Word.  Spend time talking to and listening to God.


Let’s make 2008 the year of Seeking God!


Psalms 22:26b (NLT)
 “All who seek the Lord will praise him. Their hearts will rejoice with everlasting joy.”




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