I’m Back

After I typed the title, I heard an eerie Austrian voice saying it.  Like a muscular guy in mirrored sunglasses with a dark leather coat on.  Anyway, I am back.  Sorry for the long absence but Easter preparations got my attention for a few weeks.  Then it was Easter clean up.  Anyway, for the next few days you will probably get a potpourri of posts.  Many things have happened over the last few weeks.  Brotey learned to ride a bike without training wheels (he’s only 4, are you impressed – humor me).  Easter was awesome at MeadowBrook.  I learned how to open my pool.  Then yesterday we started the “Christ in You” series.  It is going to be incredible.  If you are in the area, don’t miss a Sunday at MeadowBrook.


Well, I hope some of you are still reading.




One response to “I’m Back

  • Linda Keenum

    Hey Brian,
    i am so glad you sent me your blog announcement, i read them (bozeman’s too) and really enjoyed everything! thanks for including me in letting me know you are online.
    i love meadowbrook so much, and all you guys. since my boys are now 31 and 34, i can identify with all you all write. thanks for all the hard work you do and for being you!
    linda keenum

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