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Is This Normal?

Furthermore, is it o.k. on her spine?


Yarn for Kenya


Sounds strange doesn’t it?  But then, we are not there.  We do not always know the need.  Until now.  On June 8 of this year MeadowBrook will send a team to Kenya.  We will minister to the inhabitants of a refugee camp.  Tribal fighting has forced them from their homes in Uganda and Kenya.  One of their biggest needs is warm clothing for the winter, which is right upon them.  We will be there in the beginning of their winter.  The best way to clothe them is to teach them to make their own.  Heart of the Bride is engaged in a ministry that teaches them to knit blankets, sweaters, and other clothing items.  What they need is yarn and knitting needles, specifically in the colors of pink and green.  Would you pick up some yarn and a pair of knitting needles to send with us?


If you are a MeadowBrook member you can place them in the glass box in the atrium.  If you are not a member of MeadowBrook you can send your yarn to the address below.


Remember, we need pink and green.


If yarn is not your thing, we also need bibles in Swahili.  They are $10 each.  If you would like to contribute to this fund please label your check “Bibles for Kenya” and place it in the offering plate on Sunday or get it to the church office at:

 2525 Rainbow Drive, Gadsden, Al 35906


“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep onself from being polluted by the world.”  James 1:27 

What Ever Happened to Annette?

Remember Annette Funicello?

Even though she was before my time, I remember her (No offense intended if your reaction to my question was “Yeah!  She was my favorite actress growing up.”  The set up was not intentional!).  She was the most popular Mouseketeer of her time.  I still remember the song, “M-I-C.  See you real soon.  K-E-Y.  Why?  Because we like you.  M-O-U-S-E.”  Ah yeah, she was a teen icon.  The only original Mouseketeer picked by Walt Disney himself.  Girls from around the world looked up to her.  At the height of her career, she received around 6,000 letters a day.  The best part, mothers and fathers could feel good that their daughters idolized her.  They didn’t have to fear when their little girls wanted to be like her.  She didn’t have “suggestive” pictures in the latest magazine.  There were never any nude pictures of her on the internet (I know, it wasn’t around then, but stick with me for the comparison).  Her style did not make father’s fear.  Here is Annette in a racy 1960’s swimsuit…

I wish that were racy today.  No, now we have Miley Cyrus.  After years of Britney Spears and the like, we finally have someone our girls can look up to.  Someone who will stand for traditional values and speak of her faith in public.  So it seemed.

Her trouble didn’t start with the Vanity Fair pics everyone is talking about.  No.  Just a few weeks ago she appeared on Americal Idol: Idol Gives Back.  The first song was nice and innocent.  The second would not have been so bad had her dancing not been so provocative.  I was glad that my girls were in bed.  That was the first thing that made me wonder.  Now, a Vanity Fair photo shoot that throws innocence out the window.  Would I want to see one of my daughters in that picture.  Never!  I don’t care if she thought it was going to be artistic, wrapping up in a sheet and at least appearing to be topless is suggestive no matter what you do.  I do not want my daughters following in her footsteps.  Even now, as I scroll back through this post I am a little disturbed by the picture I grabbed of her off of the internet.  I don’t want to see my daughters in that.

Miley, I am forgiving.  I am also very protective of my children.  Will you be good example, or one that I use to show them what not to do or wear?  I am waiting to see.

So, whatever happened to Annette?  When she left the Disney company to pursue a beach film career, Walt Disney asked that she never show her naval and never appear in any suggestive scenes.  I guess she rebelled a little when she showed her naval, but she never appeared in any suggestive scenes.  The most controversy she’s had in her life were late rumors of alcoholism.  She dispelled those when she announced that she has multiple sclerosis.  She now fights to find cures for neurological disorders.

Let’s start a campaign.  Annette Funicello – role model for our daughters!


Newest Member of the Family

Yesterday I promised you pictures of our newest family member, so here they are.  On Thursday, Sonya’s sister, Cyndy, and her husband, Steve, received their first foster child.  She is a newborn and there is a strong possibility that they may be able to adopt her.  Her she is…


with Brotey…

with Emma…

with Victoria…

with Cyndy (Sonya’s sister)

There is some confusion as to whether or not she has been named.  Until we know what’s going on, they call her “Peanut” because she weighs just 5 and a half pounds.  Pray for God’s will to be done in her life. Thanks.


1,000 Hits

I just hit 1,000 hits on my blog.  I can’t believe you want to read what I have to say. Thanks for reading.


Time to Pay Up

O.K.  I guess it’s time to pay for my own internet service.  Piggy backing off of my neighbors is unreliable and slow at best.  I tried to upload a picture yesterday and it just didn’t happen.  Tomorrow I will introduce you to the newest member of our family (no, it is not an ultra sound picture, Sonya is not pregnant).  Thanks for reading.


This Weekend @ the Brook

Good Sunday coming up.  Deeper in the Word regarding Christ in you, including the big verse, the heart of it all, Colossians 1:27.  Here are the planned songs:

Arise (new worship song to MBBC), Sing to the King, How Great is Our God, and The Mercy Seat (powerful song from the Celebration Choir)

Hope to see you there.