Easter ’08

Happy April Fools Day!


Easter morning ’08 was amazing for so many reasons.  Here are just few of the things I am rejoicing in:


God was in it from the beginning.  From the first thoughts He put in my heart about this idea, to the same thoughts He put in my friend James Ray’s heart, to every member of the team that thought, “Yeah, we should do that,” to every member who did anything.  God put them all there.  He was in it from the beginning.

three crosses

 It was the greatest team effort I’ve ever been a part of.  No one said, “No.”  I can’t remember a single person to just said “no” to anything.  A few may not have been able to participate for various reasons, but no one just said “no.”  And those who said “yes,” did their jobs splendidly with dedication and enthusiasm.


empty cross


God was there.  He moved in a mighty way. The body of Christ worshiped at MeadowBrook that day.  And though no one came down the aisle I’ve heard of several that gave their hearts to the Lord that day and many that were drawn closer to the Savior through that service.


Risen Lord 


 If you were a part of our team that day, “Thank You!”  You rock.  It is my pleasure and privilege to work beside you.  To God be the glory. 




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