Quiet Time Confessional #2 – Psalm 8

Funny how things work.  Stayed up later last night, got up earlier this morning, and had a better time with the Lord.  I was awake and alert the entire time.  I still battle a busy mind but being silent first and letting the Lord lead our conversation is helping that.

God spoke right to me this morning from His Word, the Bible, in Psalm 8.  I have been battling thoughts of inferiority and worthlessness.  I think David battled some of the same things as he asked “What is man that you are mindful of Him?  The son of man that you care for Him?”  These are some of the questions that echo in my mind at times.  I think that’s why I still love the song “Friend of God” so much.  God answers David in verses 5-8.  God created us.  He crowned us with glory and honor by creating us in His image.  He put us over the earth and all the creatures in it, to care for His creation.  God loves us, thinks of us, and delights in us.  Thanks for the hug today God.  I really needed it.



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