Kenya Report #2

Week 1, Day 5

Finally on the House of Hope site.  The ladies taught the children while the men busted rocks.  We were building a classroom and office space behind the orphanage.  They hired a crew to do the really skilled work like building the walls.  We, on the other hand, were moving large rocks into the floor area and busting them up into small pieces so that the concrete can be poured over them.  Not as easy as it sounds.  We did get to spend a little time with the kids before heading out.  They are beautiful and their smiles show the effect that the love of Christ is having on their lives.


Do I look natural with a hammer or what?  Not to mention how great my rippled arms looked as I brought the hammer down, every blow crushing the unfortunate rock beneath it.  Did I mention that I had great dreams there as well?  Come back on Monday for the next report.  I’ll start to introduce you to a couple of the kids.



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