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a star is born

Kate is obviously following the tradition of the reserved, bashful, and shy Crisman family.

Makes my heart leap.


how much longer – my birthday concert

I love how God will gives us little presents sometimes.

My birthday fell near the end of our vacation (Friday).  While we celebrated with dinner and a movie, I really didn’t expect anything big.  But God planned a little surprise.  I found out on Wednesday that Travis Cottrell would be giving a concert on Friday night.  It was a free, outdoor event sponsored by a local church.  We met my brother-in-law and nephew there.  Needless to say, it was a great evening.  Travis and his team are excellent musicians, but more than that, they love the Lord and it shines through.  We worshipped that night, out on the grass, even in the heat and humidity.  Afterwards, I connected with Travis for a few minutes.  I know, I forgot to take a picture of the two of us for the blog.  That’s a big blogging “no-no.”  But I’m still fairly new at this.  So, I’ll just describe it for you.  Two metro-worship leaders were there.  One had no hair gel because it was his vacation.  The other had been robbed of his by heat, humidity, and big stage lights.  It was a fairly troubling scene.  That’s what it would have looked like.

Anyway, it was great to worship and visit with him for a few minutes after the concert.  Travis, thank you for a great night of worship.  You are welcome to come back to MeadowBrook anytime bud!

 The unapproved pic!

 It thrilled my heart to see Kate lifting her hands in praise.  Just before she returned to her Chick-fil-a bag.

 Victoria’s self pic.

I maybe thinking a little selfishly, but I believe that concert was just for me on my birthday.  Like the loving Father He is, God gives us little surprises and gifts.  This night was just one of many.  Thank you, Lord.


P.S. Travis is regular reader of GodSeekerBlog.  I am honored.

how He loves us

Sorry, this post originally had a mistake.  It has now been fixed.  The first video is just the song with a video.  The second is the story of the song.

I’m curious.  What do think about this song?

Here’s the story of the song.  It’s very powerful.

What do you think?


how much longer – mission food

Does anyone else take great pleasure in planning their vacation eating?  We almost plan our vacation around where and when we will eat.  Nothing fancy, just our favorites.  Before Qdoba came to Alabama, we would plan our routes around their store locations.  Maybe that should be another post.  Here are a few pics of us at the Mellow Mushroom in Destin.  It is one of those places where everyone in our family usually eats well.  We love the parmesan pretzels with the Esperanza dressing.

Brotey was obviously having a great time.

So, do you take as much pleasure as we do in planning your eating on vacation?


freestyle what?

Have you seen this?  Wait for it.  I promise she will start moving.



how much longer – look back #1

I know vacation reports aren’t nearly as interesting when you’re not actually posting from vacation, but I had no internet.  So, I’ll keep this down to two or three posts maximum.  I’ll just share some pics as I go through them and then get on with current stuff as soon as I catch up with life.

We love the beach.  We go first thing in the morning (after sleeping as late as possible), stay until it gets really hot, then go back to the condo.  If we feel inclined, we come back later.  No pressure, no hurry.  That’s what we love about it; no theme park pressure.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney World, but the pressure and the lines are agonizing.  This is more our speed:

  It took kate a few days to warm up to the sand.

 But eventually everybody loved digging in it; although Emma would go to the shower every 10 minutes.

 There’s nothing like digging a big whole for no specific purpose.

 I love this one; everybody at peace!

 This is my wife, the babe, with our baby.  You would never know she’s had four kids if you didn’t know us.

 This is what she settled for.  One of my main jobs for the week was to fly the kite.

 I love these pics.  I know I should do something artsy with it but who has the time?

It was a great week.


how much longer – part 3 – we’re home

Just got back this afternoon.  It’s great to be back in the land of the Coosa River and internet access.  Not to mention, it’s great to be home.  I haven’t missed this many days blogging since I really got into it back in March.  I hope you’ve hung in here and not bailed on me.  I’ve missed it.

And as much as I like vacation and the beach, there is no place like home.  I will catch you up on our trip starting tomorrow.  Hope you’ve had a great week.