Hi, My Name is Brian, and I am a Geek

I love Star Wars and this is my original copy of the 1977 video cassette.

I was in the Honor Band.

I was on the Dean’s List all but one semester.

Anybody else ready to confess?  What are you?



6 responses to “Hi, My Name is Brian, and I am a Geek

  • Jenny T

    Please tell me you make Sonya wear Princess Leah hair!!
    As for me, I’m extremely OCD, Anal, and a Time Freak. I have no patience with tardiness (the Lord is teaching me patience with Holly, who has very little sense of time, I love her dearly, she’s so carefree). My skittles are eaten by color, whichever color has the fewest on up. I color code just about everything. HELP ME, I’M TRAPPED!!! It’s a good thing I wasn’t over putting the Bible together, all the books would be in ABC order. Just imagine how that would have turned out…..
    I’ve been a Banker since I was 15 years old.

  • Peter

    So, if you’re a geek, then I’m you’re twin. Star Wars, LOTR, Comic books, Sci-fi, fantasy nut; choir (not marching band…too much work…I prefer a tux to uniforms); and Dean’s List too. I also love fried food and candy…but have given them up to search for a better healthier lifestyle. I eat sweet tarts by color…blue first (why they went there, I don’t know), then pink, then yellow then green (my favorite).

    I think what really defines us is whether or not we take planks out of our friends’ beds, or whether or not we set the alarm back so that people are up and moving at 4:30 AM instead of 6:30 AM. Ah, the memories. Now those are your REAL friends! 🙂

    You are such a brother to me, my friend, and I think you’re pretty cool for being a ‘geek’.


  • Rick

    My Name is Rick…..and I am fat.

    I am happy….but fat. OR PHAT?!



    I’m not really a geek, I’m more of a Scotty…but you can call me SCOTTY!!!

  • iMacMan

    Geek? If by that you mean computer nerd, then yes (but doesn’t it really depend on what the meaning of is, is?), I confess (what is the AA?) I am a geek- even though I don’t know a lick of code.

    Computers and all things related provide me a brief “timeout” from the day to day grind. I like to learn and enjoy challenges, of which I am faced with almost daily.

    Even though I wasn’t on the Dean’s list (whatever that is/was) and can’t read music, I did pass typing; BUT I did fail 11th grade English, get kicked out of Spanish class, permanently, and was suspended from high school for doing something..but can’t remember what it was (…it is just a little foggy).

    So, do I still qualify?

    I am sorry are we talking high school or college here?? If it is college I can come back and change my list, if I need to. 🙂

  • moniquestrickland

    OH NO YOU DIDN’T! (Please say this in the best accent you can)
    I was NEVER a geek, but I sure did marry one. The ONLY think I am willing to confess is my OCD. I like everything to look like it’s new, and my house to look like it’s a set for a tv show. The 5 cats and 2 children don’t really fit into this plan, so they must go at once…
    I can fold toilet paper into a mean triangle shape and even roses if I want to get really fancy.
    That is my ONLY issue…I mean it…the ONLY one…don’t let Sonya tell you any different!

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