Kenya Report # 11 – the last day

Week 2, Day 6 – Friday, June 19

Here’s the set up.  We had to bust one more layer of rock in the porch area.  We only had the morning to it.  We gathered together, prayed for strength, and went to it.  With God’s help, we did it!

It was so great to hear Peter say, “It is good,” in his beautiful Kenyan accent.  I don’t think we would have been satisfied if we hadn’t gotten it done.  The other guys finished the shelves and did a great job.

Then, we celebrated.  Joel and the orphanage hosted to a feast of roasted goat.  It was really good.  I think everyone enjoyed the meal and the celebration.

After lunch, I took little Julius in my arms to love on him one more time.  He was wet all the way through his two cloth diapers, one plastic one, and his outfit so I thought I would try my hand at the cloth diaper thing.  I did fine with the diapers but about halfway through he got me with the ol’ “yellow fountain.”  Yeah, with four kids you’d think I know better than to leave myself unguarded, but he’d wet so much I thought that there was no way he had anymore in there.  I was wrong.  But we made it through.  Despite the tragic start to his life he is full of personality and joy.  He has a part of my heart.

As we gathered outside to take a group picture, I picked up Ian.  He clamped onto my neck and wouldn’t let go.  He is a precious boy with a great smile but still so insecure.  He has a part of my heart also.

It was hard to leave.  We made some deep, real relationships.  The kids were crying.  The House of Hope staff were crying.  Some of us were crying (not me of course).  It was a great two weeks of ministry and team work.  The body of Christ truly has no geographical boundaries.

I will some up our last day in Kenya and our travel home in the next few days.  It is still so hard to describe.  You really have to be there.



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