Hypermiling Experiment – Take 2

Filled up this morning.  140.05 miles divided by  7.2 gallons = disgustingly bad gas mileage for a foreign four cylinder engine (19.5 mpg).  What have a I learned?

If you can’t be with the car you love, honey, love the car your with.



One response to “Hypermiling Experiment – Take 2

  • iMacMan

    I have always looked forward to coming to God Seeker and sharing your life and times…..that is until today 🙂

    Now you really had to go and talk about gas/mileage/cost, didn’t you.

    Why don’t you through insurance into the mix, THEN, I will talk to you….

    If you want to know what my beef is….just wait til you have 6 cars/gas/mileage/insurance you are paying for (your kid’s cars, duh..) and only two of my kids are driving now, but two more to go.

    Before you say anything back in response…. I know, we made those decisions we are now living with when we got them (the cars, not the kids 🙂 )

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