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fluffy’s new hangout

We wondered if our cat would make a smooth transition to the new house last year.  Some of us might have even thought how nice it would be if he fled.  But Fluffy just found a great place to hangout and oversee the pool.  Some might call it a bird house, but to us, it’s Fluffy’s hangout.  I wonder why we never see any birds there.

Gotta love animals.


Sunday @ the Brook

It will be a day of great celebration: My Savior Lives, Glory, In Your Freedom.  The worship team will sing and we will take the Lord’s Supper.  Join us.


cool family pics

The Gadsden area was recently blessed with a cool photographer and we got some cool family pics.  My scanner did not do them justice but I think you’ll get a good sense of how they came out.  If you want some great pics, see Brandy Feemster at Some Thing Beautiful Studio and Design.  We had a great session with Brandy and her husband, Josh.  It was relaxing and fun.  They are great with big families.  I’ll post a few pics from our session every now and then for the next week or so.  Thanks, Brandy and Josh.  You guys are great.

Alright critics; How are these pics?


decision well made

I made the decision I was sweating out on Monday.  Like I said, it wasn’t life changing, just a new cell phone.  But, with four kids, I don’t spend money lightly.  Here I am with my new LG Dare.

Why the Dare?  Well here was my thought process and a peak behind the madness that is Brian Crisman.  And another example of how God gives us little gifts.

It all started when I got an early upgrade offer from Verizon.  $50 off the price and a $50 mail-in rebate.  I’d already decided to upgrade when I could and had been saving my birthday money.  Originally, I wanted a smart phone so that I could stop carrying around a PDA, a cell phone, and an iPod, and I wanted a full keyboard for texting.  Since I can’t afford an iPhone, I thought I would go with a Palm phone.  The only one I could afford with my saved birthday money was way to small.  I could only hit the keys with my fingernails.  Cut those and I’m in trouble.  The more expensive ones were huge, anyway, and I wouldn’t want to carry one of those around.  That would be like one of those guys we made fun of in middle school who wore the huge G-Shock watch while everyone else wore Swatches (remember those?).  I had the cool Coke watch with the tuxedo guy and a can of Coke.  Anyway, where was I?  O, so smart phones were out of the picture.  Then, I tried the Dare.  It was love at first sight.  Touch screen.  A 3.2 megapixel camera and 640×480 video.  Perfect for blogging.  The price, not bad.  With my discount offer, my saved birthday money, and the money Sonya had wanted to spend on me, it was in reach.  But, it won’t sync with Microsoft Outlook.  So, I had a big decision to make.  Two paths diverged in a cell phone store.  One went to media euphoria, the other to Outlook paradise.  I labored.  I lost sleep.  I wrestled.  Yes, I prayed.  I take everything to God.

So, here’s the short of it.  I decided on the Dare.  Even minutes before, I was doubting myself.  When I went to the store, my guy wasn’t there so the boss helped me all the while assuring me that my guy would get the credit.  He also assured me that he would match the original deal (which was only intended for the online store).  When he rang up my purchase, he’d actually given me a much better deal.  I didn’t spend but a few dollars more than my saved money.  God is good.  And besides the fact that Kate woke us up like 12 times last night, I slept in peace.  Thank you God.  You are so good.

And for you critics out there, I tried to take a much better picture this time.



What is courage?  This may just be a small example to most, but it was huge in the Crisman household.  Just minutes after this picture was taken, Brotey stepped out of the van and walked right into school.  None of the leg holding or screaming we experienced just few days earlier.  And this time he had to get out in the car line and walk in.  He confessed later that he was crying a little as he walked.  I assured him know that what he did took lots of courage.  To get out and walk in while crying is very courageous.  Way to go Brotey!

Here are the others on that same day.  A big “thanks” goes to his older sisters who helped take care of him that morning.


decisions, decisions, decisions

I have been wrestling with a decision all weekend.  Not a big one.  No, those are easy.  I really don’t believe there is a decision to be made when it comes to major life events, I just need to seek what God wants and listen for His voice.  But why can’t I get myself to do that in the seemingly small stuff?  O.K. I want to buy something.  It’s something I use everyday, just a nicer version.  It meets some needs and it fulfills some wants.  But is it worth the price?  I wrestle and actually loose sleep.  I’m not going to break the bank on this but I could feed a family in Kenya.  Maybe I’m thinking too much.  I just want to hear from God and feel at peace.  When…if…I tell you what it is, you’re going to laugh.  But this is what I do.  This is a peek inside the mind of Brian.  Hope you’re not too scared.

Does anyone else sweat the small decisions more than the big ones or is it just me?


gold, I tell you, pure gold

This is the best idea I’ve ever seen.  You can read Ragamuffin Soul’s original post about it here.  But I tell you, necessity really is the mother of invention.  Just make sure the strap stays above the kid’s neck.