eccentricities, that’s what I call’em

I recently commented on this post by my wife’s childhood friend, Monique Strickland.  In the post, Mo confesses some of her “quirks.”  I prefer to call them “eccentricities.”  Here’s what I confessed:

When I pass by things like chairs, walls, tables, random things, could be anything, I like to touch them four times. Can’t be just three. Can’t be five. Four and only four. Or, if the object has multiple parts, I like to touch four of them. Take a chair in our choir room for example. I will touch the padded back, the metal strip on the upper back, the metal side rail, and the plastic piece that sticks out to save the wall from scratches. Wow, I sound crazy, can’t believe I’m admitting this.

Also, while my office, my car, and the bottom of my closet are very messy, every shirt in my closet must face left. And when you put them in the closet, you have to push everything to the side so that the shirt goes in nice and smooth and the sleeves can hang down naturally. I mean, that’s the only way to do it.

I’m also a fanatic about turning off the lights in my house, but that is only because I pay the bills.  What are your eccentricities?



2 responses to “eccentricities, that’s what I call’em

  • Annette

    I have no eccentricities.

    Everyone knows that, when placing groceries on a conveyor belt, they must go in a certain order.

    Shirts must absolutely face left when hung in a closet, with the top 3 buttons securely buttoned. Not 1, not 4.
    3. What else?

    When we check on our children in the middle of the night, we must touch them to feel that they’re breathing. If they don’t move when we touch them, we must place one finger under their nose to feel their breath. If said child is still not cooperating, we must pat them gently, see them awaken and then say, “Oh. Sorry baby. Just checking on you.” We must do this even when they are 21 and not living with us 9 months out of the year anymore. When they are home, this schedule must continue. Naturally. We are checking to see what should happen once these children are grown, married and come home for a visit.

    (ummm…did we just go from eccentricities to phobias?? is you psych friend still close by??)

  • Dawn W

    I usually eat one thing at a time on my plate, starting with what I like least (to get rid of it). This is usually a vegetable. Then, I work through the rest of them until I get to the item I’m looking forward to the most — usually the meat.

    Also, the floor and the desktop of my home office are a mess, but everything in my computer must be neatly filed. Everyone in my e-mail address book gets put in a folder, grouped by how I know you. I say it’s just “efficiency”; I don’t want to scroll through a long alphabetical list of names. This also helps when you can’t remember the name right at first. I do something similar with bookmarked websites. It’s just logical, right? Why wouldn’t everyone do it that way? Plus, it’s much more easy and fun to keep the computer files organized, even if I don’t have the patience for any of the other filing.

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