sick days

If you know me you know that I am rarely sick.  And I rarely stop.  The only time sickness gets me is when I am so exhausted and depleted that my defenses just give up.  I think it’s God’s way of saying, “Stop!”  Well, it hit me yesterday.  God gave me the strength to get through a Wednesday then I just collapsed.  So I took my antibiotic, my Tylenol PM, slept late and am working from my couch this afternoon.  While I am working, I am getting rest.  The kids are at school and it is peaceful around the house.  I hope to write some meaningful blogs this afternoon.  I have been so busy lately that all I have had time to post are random pics and videos.  I desire to entertain and inspire on GodSeeker but busyness has prevented that lately.  It is easy to entertain, it is harder to sit down and write about what God has been saying.  The kids are about to be home so I better get to work.



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