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while I was sleeping

Look what happened while we were so busy last weekend.  Amazing.


Why do you guys keep coming back?





At the men’s conference at FBC Woodstock, GA.  This year’s theme is “Temptation Island.”  Good stuff.  Pastor Johnny Hunt is on.  There’s something pretty exciting about 6,000 men in one room who are there to chase after Jesus.  If you’re sad that you missed it, never fear.  They’re doing it next weekend as well.


you are never too young to start

two words – kate, coffee.


02.01.09 @ the Brook

I can’t believe it’s February.  This year already seems like it’s flying by.

This Sunday we will look at a picture of repentance.  Great message.  Here’s what we’ll sing:

For All You’ve Done
Grace Greater Than Our Sin
Give Us Clean Hands
I Bow Down
Sinner Saved by Grace (choir)

Come on.  Be there.


simply refreshing

There is nothing like the laughter of a baby.


I don’t care what they say…

sometimes you don’t get what you pay for.

Here is the bag of chips I ordered at Schlotzsky’s on Sunday:


Here’s what was inside:


Wow.  That is a lot of air.  Not quite as filling as I’d hoped.  The moral of the story: when you go to Schlotsky’s, order the sandwich but leave the chips alone.




I don’t know any other way to describe our weekend.  Saturday’s rehearsal was so much fun.  Great musicians and brothers and sisters in Christ just having a great time working and praising our great God.

Last night was awesome.  The crowd was great.  The band was incredible.  The singers were phenomenal.  Travis was spot on.  Beth Moore was…well, Beth Moore.  Do I really have to say anything else?  And God, He was all over that place.  Even when we had to redo a song because of a computer glitch.  It was awesome.  I wish you all could have been there.  Make sure you buy the CD and DVD when they come out.  Don’t worry, I’ll remind you.  If I see myself in there, I’ll even give you the time reference!

Thanks for inviting us Travis, it was a blast!

Here are a few pics from the weekend.

Saturday Dress Rehearsal:


My Gen X media loving mind was captivated.  There were two screens, a middle scrim behind the choir, one scrim in front of the choir the dropped after the second song, and projection on the side walls.  The images and lighting were so worshipful.


My beautiful bride and her new friend Wendy.

Sunday afternoon:



Sound Check:


Concert pics (yes, I am sneaky):0125092050a0125092050

These concert pics were actually taken during a great moment when a computer glitch brought us to a…let’s say, “Pause.”  After a verse of “Jesus Saves,” Travis, band and team broke into an impromptu “Shackles.”  Talk about fun.


O.K., the girl I asked to take this pic tried.  But Travis is thankful.  For if it had been clear you would have seen tons of makeup that might have brought back memories of a past American Idol contestant who recently made a not so shocking announcement.  God must have been watching out for you.

MeadowBrook, I am pumped about this project.  It points us to God.  His greatness.  His holiness.  His mercy.  His working of salvation for us.  The blessing of being His child everyday.  Every song was so deep and worshipful.  Of all I can, it was worshipful and God honoring.

Wow.  That’s all I can say.