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a little preview

Here is a video of Travis singing a new song called “This is the Day.”  It’s just him and it is awesome.  Sorry the audio is no better but that’s the best my camera can do.

Today was so much fun.  Can’t wait for tomorrow!



sorry…this was messed up

If you haven’t seen the Sky Angel Cowboy I tried to post on Monday, here it is.


anticipation and 01.25.09 @ MeadowBrook


This weekend, Sonya and I have been invited to sing in the choir for Travis Cottrell’s new worship recording/DVD at First Baptist Woodstock, GA.  Can’t wait.  The worship serivce/recording is Sunday night at 6pm.  Max Lucado and Beth Moore will be there.  If you can get there, get there!  It is going to be awesome.

Never fear, never fear those of you at MeadowBrook.  Worship will be awesome there as well.  Cas McWaters, from B’ham, will be leading.  You will sing:

You Are Good
How Great is Our God
Holy, Holy, Holy
Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)
Wonderful Merciful Savior
The Mercy Seat

Be there MeadowBrook as you explore what blocks personal revival.


downpour//internal struggle

One of the principals we are studying is that sin blocks revival.  As I was praying last week I sensed that God wanted us to stop watching a particular T.V. show.  One that have seen almost every episode of (all but one).  One that our family and friends watch.  We will be out of the loop.  I prayed for two more days before I talked to Sonya about it.  But I do not want anything to hinder revival in my heart.  So, it is over.  Done.  It airs tonight.  The commercials are running.  I can’t say I won’t miss it, but the benefits far out weigh the temporary pleasure I get from a few laughs.

Now, feel free to hold me accountable.  I’ve put it out here for all the world to see.


sometimes…it just can’t be contained

I love this video.  You don’t have to understand what they are saying to know that the host just can’t stop laughing at the man’s voice.  Sometimes, you just can’t contain it.



It’s cold.  At least for us southerners!


The news said that it was actually 12 degrees this morning.  You know they always tell the truth.




Downpour has started with a bang.  God is moving in people’s hearts and moving in mine.  I really want to share what’s going on with you and for those of you who go to MeadowBrook, I want to share about the bible studies.  So, I’m going to speed up what I started last week.  Let’s quickly wrap up Ephesians 4 and move on to the Downpour study.

Here’s what Ephesians 4:20-24 says about spiritual transformation.  It is a three part process.  First, you “put off” the old.  With the Spirit’s help, you leave behind the ways of darkness, those ways you used to walk in when you were lost.  Second, you are to be “made new in the attitude of your minds.”  This directs me right to Romans 12:2 where Paul directs us to be transformed by the continual renewing of our minds.  This is a daily process of seeking God through His Word and letting the Spirit guide and teach you.  Then, you are to “put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness.”  This is also the work of the Spirit when we are submitted to Him.  He molds us into the image of Jesus (Romans 8:29).

This is not a check list.  These things can only be done with full submission to God.  Your heart has to be in the right place, bowed before the Almighty.  Then, with His help, you can put off, be made new, and put on – be spiritually transformed into the person He created you to be.

Verses 25-32 give five practical areas where this transformation should be lived out.  I’ll let you explore those on your own.  Next time, we’re talking about Downpour, personal revival.