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03.01.09 @ MeadowBrook

I can’t believe it will be March tomorrow.  Easter is just around the corner.  Tomorrow we will explore our call to glorify God and serve Him here, throughout the USA, and around the world.  There will be a focus on our local and global missions opportunities.  We will sing:

All the Earth will Sing Your Praises
Glory to His Name
He is Lord
We Speak to Nations (choir)

See you there.



that’s my King

That’s my King.


let’s all agree

No matter what your political views, I think we can all agree that this just shouldn’t have been done…


They were right next to the NASCAR cards.  Now that’s funny!


my greatest struggle right now…


is busyness.  (and apparently, a dull razor)  Sometimes I don’t know which way to go.  I am frustrated and can’t start things because I don’t know which item on my to-do list is most important.  They are all pressing.  When I do start, I can’t finish before my next obligation.  My mind is cluttered.  Then, my crazy mind sways me to do several things at one time.  Which I normally do well.  But again, I can’t get them done.  When I do get things done, I don’t feel as though I’ve done my best.

On top of that, I hate the anxious feelings that come with this situation.  Fear, anxiety, sore shoulders (that’s where I keep it all).

But God is teaching me through.  2 Tim 1:7; 2 Cor 10:5; Phil 4:6.  These are the verses God is using in my life now.  Nothing new.  Just really teaching these truths to me in a real way.  He has not given us fear but power and good judgement.  Every thought, even the anxious ones, should be taken captive to Him.  I shouldn’t be anxious about anything, but present it all to Him and trust in Him.  This is walking in the Spirit.

God, help me to walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

What are you struggling with these days?


an old friend

I was reacquainted with an old friend today.  Though it was a little awkward at first, there were moments were I remembered the old times.  Like they say, good friendships never die (or something like that).

For 19 years we spent time together, almost daily.  Sometimes we would be together for hours on end.  Sometimes it was work, sometimes it was play.  Some of my fondest memories and proudest moments were achieved with the help of this friend.  This friend put me through college and helped some with seminary.  Sadly, we have not been together for 4 years.  And it is my fault.  I was the one who walked away and didn’t even look back.  Until today.

Lately, I’ve had dreams about our reunion.  I’ve dreamt of old times and the fun we had together.  I would wake and long for those days.  I was fearful, though, of how our reunion would go.  Would it be awkward?  Would it be painful?  Would I be disappointed?  Would I just walk away again?  The answer: it was awkward.  It was painful.  I wasn’t really disappointed because my expectations were pretty low.  But we will see each other again.

This is my friend:


My early 70’s model Bach Stradivarius model 37.  I began playing at the age of 11.  Went to college on a full trumpet scholarship.  Part of my master’s degree is in trumpet performance.  Then, after being disappointed with my Christmas 2004 performance, I put it up.  Haven’t touched it since.  But I have been dreaming.  And today, I put my lips to the mouthpiece.  It was literally painful.  I kept things simple, but it was still tiring.  It will take some time, but I am going to play again.

Now, dry your eyes, put your tissues up, and do something you’ve been dreaming of.


this Sunday @ the Brook


We will finish up the Downpour series with a look at how the Holy Spirit works in our lives.  Get ready for some teaching on submission!  It is going to be great.  God has really been moving in our church lately.

We will sing:

Let the Praises Ring
I Surrender All
Take My Life
Breathe On Me (choir)

I can’t wait.  Don’t miss it.

summary of life//success

At age 4 success….is not peeing in your pants
At age 12 success…is having friends
At age 17 success…is having a driver’s license
At age 35 success…is having money
At age 50 success…is having money
At age 70 success…is having a driver’s license
At age 75 success…is having friends
At age 80 success…is not peeing in your pants

Really gives you something to look forward to doesn’t it?

You’re welcome