an old friend

I was reacquainted with an old friend today.  Though it was a little awkward at first, there were moments were I remembered the old times.  Like they say, good friendships never die (or something like that).

For 19 years we spent time together, almost daily.  Sometimes we would be together for hours on end.  Sometimes it was work, sometimes it was play.  Some of my fondest memories and proudest moments were achieved with the help of this friend.  This friend put me through college and helped some with seminary.  Sadly, we have not been together for 4 years.  And it is my fault.  I was the one who walked away and didn’t even look back.  Until today.

Lately, I’ve had dreams about our reunion.  I’ve dreamt of old times and the fun we had together.  I would wake and long for those days.  I was fearful, though, of how our reunion would go.  Would it be awkward?  Would it be painful?  Would I be disappointed?  Would I just walk away again?  The answer: it was awkward.  It was painful.  I wasn’t really disappointed because my expectations were pretty low.  But we will see each other again.

This is my friend:


My early 70’s model Bach Stradivarius model 37.  I began playing at the age of 11.  Went to college on a full trumpet scholarship.  Part of my master’s degree is in trumpet performance.  Then, after being disappointed with my Christmas 2004 performance, I put it up.  Haven’t touched it since.  But I have been dreaming.  And today, I put my lips to the mouthpiece.  It was literally painful.  I kept things simple, but it was still tiring.  It will take some time, but I am going to play again.

Now, dry your eyes, put your tissues up, and do something you’ve been dreaming of.



6 responses to “an old friend

  • Kevin Moore

    Three words…..The Arban Book…..know it…live it…love it

  • leanna

    Shame on you!! 😉 I didn’t realize how privileged we were to hear you play! You better befriend him again–he makes you sound good! 😉

  • Susan Reynolds

    I agree with Leanna – good grief, Brian! Use the talent God gave you (and you worked hard to develop). I would love to hear you play again…..

  • b.rizzle

    Kevin, you are so right. Ol’ JB and I should get together again as well. There is nothing like it! You sound strangely like a brass player.

    Leanna and Susan, I put this out there for people to hold me accountable. Call me on it. I need to play for His glory.

    Thanks guys,

  • mary Nell

    Praise Our Sweet Jesus! I can’t wait to hear you play.

  • Annette

    The stupid lying enemy tries to steal from us in all kinds of ways…and sometimes we help him…at least sometimes I know I help him.

    Our gifts – are given to us for worship — I know for positively sure how deeply you know that. And no one performance (or lack thereof 🙂
    gets to take that from us. Unless we let it.

    I’m proud o’ you! Play on! Play LOUD! Be obnoxious. It’s the nanny-nanny-boo-boo to you know who! ha!
    stupidlyingtryingtostealtheworshipidiot. he makes me so mad… 🙂

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