we should all be having fun like this…



If we did, I think we’d all be in better shape, mentally that is.  I am way too serious most of the time.  That was my big lesson learned over Spring Break.  Let’s commit this week to a bubble bath, or something like it.  Rub the bubbles on your face.  Let the kids help you bake and throw some flour.  Set up the sprinkler and run through it.  Jump into a cold swimming pool for the fun of it.  Get on the floor and wrestle.  Burp.  Make noises with the other end.  Laugh when something is spilt.  Let your hair down.

How about it?  What other ideas do you have?



2 responses to “we should all be having fun like this…

  • gadrockgomer

    Go out and pick some strawberries with your family, fly a kite, or come by The Grind and see Exceptional Child on Friday(shameless plug, sorry)!

  • Peter

    Okay…I need to comment here. Unless something has happened, need I remind you of removing boards from the bottom of someone’s bed; or, setting the clock back an hour so that someone got up early; or, making up crazy sayings and songs (a la “the Bin Thing”…or, a moment on the hips…).

    I think you just need to jump back 17 years. 🙂

    And I thought I was the serious one.

    Miss you tons.

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