first lost tooth, well kinda


After two teeth lost in the dentist office – one after the concrete shattered it into 4 pieces and the one next to it two years later when it turned gray – Brotey lost his first tooth the way God intended.  It got so loose that the back was already out.  He tried to pull it himself but couldn’t figure it out.  When I offered to help, he just opened his mouth and let me take hold.  One quick pull and it was all over.  Most of our children let them fall out in the night or get help from a cookie or some kind of sticky candy.

That’s my boy.

One time, Emma and Victoria were wrestling with a blanket when they were supposed to be going to sleep.  Victoria gave it a tug while Emma had it in her mouth.  A tooth that wasn’t even loose yet came flying out.  Children are a never ending source of amusement.

Do you have any interesting tooth loss stories?



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