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8.4 lbs. and growing

Did I mention that I’m off this week?  I may have forgotten.  Obviously I’m taking some blog break time as well.  Don’t worry, I’ll be back Monday.  In the mean time, here are some pics I took of Ellie this morning.  As of Monday, she weighed 8.4 lbs.




birthday eating//my wife loves me

things Sonya made for my birthday:


chocolate chocolate cake with chocolate in the middle,


my favorite sandwich, a muffaletta, complete with olive salad, prepared the day before so that it could sit in the fridge over night.

It was all good.  I’m guessing I gained three pounds.


another tie occasion

Photo 24

I found another occasion to wear a tie: when I am performing a wedding.


Nicholas and Erica asked me to do their wedding.  It was my first big church wedding.  I was honored.  It was a great way to celebrate my birthday.  As you can see, the tie did not make it to the reception.

By the way, more birthday pics to come.


tomorrow @ the Brook

For All You’ve Done

Alive Forever Amen

Savior King

My Jesus, I Love Thee

I Can Only Imagine

Short post.  Sorry.  It’s my birthday.



It’s catching up with me.  In the good old days: 1) I didn’t care about politics, 2) I never stretched before working out, and 3) I never ate anything that helped keep you regular.  Now: 1) I find myself yelling a the T.V. anytime I hear about healthcare reform, 2) if I don’t look like I’m doing Yoga before a workout I will pay for it later, and 3) now I’m trying to get all the fiber I can.

Time is catching up with me.  Happy Birthday to me.


remember the movie “Big”?

This takes the giant piano to a new level.



I just noticed this…

Picture 1

Thanks to the 94 viewers that put me over the top today.  And thanks to all of you who read.  I am incredibly honored.