got out of my office


What a morning.  Started with P90X.  Not bad.  Of course, I did the lowest challenging one first.  I feel good.  Maybe I’ll step it up tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll do that one one more time.  Will seek the Spirit’s advice on that one in the morn.

Then, time with God.  On my face.  No, not because of P90X.  Just find myself there more lately.  Before I even opened the Word, He told me to share my faith today.  I have been so convicted of this lately.  Don’t get me wrong, I share my faith.  I’m not intimidated.  I’ve shared with many on mission trips, VBS, in counseling, etc.  But daily, there aren’t many lost people wondering into churches asking to be witnessed too.  Where do I find lost people? I want to be obedient.

Then, God reminded me of Todd Arrington.  Todd was the son of one of my clarinetists at Cottage Hill Baptist Church in Mobile.  He was a high schooler and a great guitarist.  I worked with him in a student band.  One night during prayer requests, he asked that we pray for him and a friend who had been going to the mall to witness.  I was so impressed.  Here was a high schooler going to the mall and witnessing to total strangers.  I couldn’t remember the last time I shared my faith.

So now, here I am, a 35 year old.  Considering the mall and sweating it.  Total strangers.  Not handing them food in a soup line.  Not giving them clothes or blankets in park on a cold day .  They weren’t coming to me with a need.  I’ve gotta approach them.  Give them what they may not even know they need.

So I left my office right after staff meeting.  Headed to our only mall.


I had a sense that I needed to be around the carousel.  There was no one there.  But there were many sitting right there in the food court.  Captive audience.  They were eating.  So I nervously circled and prayed about who the Spirit wanted me to talk to.  Started to move toward one guy but he got up.  Darn.  But there were two behind him.  So I approached, introduced myself, and asked if I could ask them a few questions.  Then, I just trusted the spirit.  It was so awesome.  One was a Christian.  The other, not at all.  Not even interested.  I wish I could say that he changed his mind, but he didn’t.  But he did hear the gospel today.  It was such a rush.

Why have I not done this kind of thing sooner?  I’ve got this great thing that I’ve been hoarding for myself.  There are lost people all over the place.  I’ve just gotta get out of my office more often.

I’m not sharing this to brag.  I’m just pumped and you know I’m an open book.  What I really want is accountability.  Please, ask me anytime when the I last shared my faith.  Hold me to it.  And, if you are the slight bit interested, I would love for you to go with me.  If you don’t live here, then let me know how you respond to this.  Come on Christians, get out of your offices, houses, shops, cars, or whatever and find someone to share your faith with.  Let’s let the Spirit use us to change this place.

I’m in.  What about you?

Filled today guys, filled,



3 responses to “got out of my office

  • rickdeerman

    praise the Lord. Nothing says ministry like the Japanese place at the mall and the gospel!

  • gadrockgomer

    Hey Brian,

    If it is a Tuesday or Thursday morning, count me in. I would love to go with you. I need to be more bold myself. Maybe the tag team would help me with this.

  • Jesse Regan

    Hey great job with P90X! If you love P90X as much as I do, you should look at being a Beachbody Coach. I love helping people get in the best shape of their lives. Check out my site and look at my before and after photos from P90X. Keep pushing play and don’t quit!

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