confused//opening the vault

My feelings are all confused today.  Got a call early this morning that my “Grandaddy” died yesterday.  Sad.  Yes.  Confused. Yes.  It’s one of those situations I used to only hear about.


He was my mother’s step-father.  Her birth father died when she was just 20 years old.  He and my Memaw Dollie married a year after I was born.  He is the only grandfather I’ve known on my mother’s side.  Just over two years ago, my Memaw Dollie died after falling in her house.  The blood thinner that kept her alive caused a massive brain bleed.  As Grandaddy got into one of his biological children’s car, I hugged him and told him that we would not forget about him.  That we would keep up with him.  Then, the situation got ugly.

The circumstances around my grandmother’s death were called into question.  Little old ladies came forward with information about my grandparent’s private life that no one wants to hear.  Little accidents and bruises that she’d had throughout the years were all different now.  Her personal doctor even expressed some concerns about the situation.  Then, the family situation got ugly between step-siblings.  Theft.  Greed.  Name calling.  Anyway, it wasn’t pretty.

He lived with one of his children for awhile, then moved into an assisted living facility.  I haven’t spoken to him since my grandmother’s funeral.  I don’t even know how he died.  I regret not going to see him even though I know the situation changed.  He was still my Grandaddy.  Weird feelings today.  Don’t think I’ve had these before.

Pray for my family as they deal with feelings like these.  Especially two of my cousins who were practically raised by them.




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