daily bread

I learned something new today: when buying an alternator, have your old one with you.  They give you credit for the core.  Whatever that is.


Now, to the post.

Sunday, Randy taught some great stuff from the Lord’s prayer.  There was much to glean but one thing has really stuck with me this week.  Luke 11:3.

Give us each day our daily bread…

You and I both know that this is not a prayer to be recited.  It is a model prayer.  A pattern if you will.  An example.  In Jesus’ example He asks for enough bread for each day.  Not excess.  Not starvation.  Just enough to provide for His daily needs with faith that there will be enough provided tomorrow.  I really needed to hear that.

Usually, when something surprises us and I have to dip into our savings, I fret.  I hate spending that “emergency money” even on emergencies.  This year, that fund has been hit pretty hard.  Needed a new car.  Tonsils had to come out.  Discs keep on bulging.  And, of course, God blessed with a new beautiful little girl.  Every time the fund gets a little in it, a little has to come out.

So, when they said, “You need a new alternator,” yesterday, I thought immediately about our emergency fund.  You see, for some reason,  we had a little to put in there last paycheck and I was feeling pretty good about it being in there.  I’d thought, “Maybe we’ll have a little more in the next one, then we’ll really have an emergency fund.”  But, I had to give it to the good people at O’Reilly Auto Parts this morning.  However, I feel pretty good about it.  Right after that sinking feeling in my stomach I remembered Jesus’ prayer.  God had given me our daily bread for that day.  Just enough for the alternator and two tires (coming later this week).  He’ll provide enough for the other two “tomorrow.”

This has really changed how I pray about our needs.  And how I pray about what I’ve been provided.

“Thank you, God, for daily bread.”



2 responses to “daily bread

  • Leanna

    How true. That reminds me of a book I just read about George Muller. He never put anything into savings (and never accepted a regular preaching salary!) because he wanted to learn to solely rely on God. That takes a lot of faith and a lot of prayer! Thanks for the reminder.

  • brandtlyon

    I have had a lot of hits to the emergency fund lately, too. I needed to hear this one. It is so true. I have in the past said to Lisa, “The blessing is that we have an emergency account.” The other day it was obliterated and I have been frustrated. One things for sure, God has blessed me and my family and I will rejoice in Him!

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