an “easy” day

Saturday was supposed to be one of those days.  One of those days that you look forward too.  Easy.  Nothing scheduled except an easy oil change for the Expedition.

New Expedition

Here was the plan: take the Expedition to the oil change place (about a mile from our house), go for a 3.2 mile run, and end up back the oil change place.  So I: dropped it off, went for the run, and headed back toward the shop.  All good, so far.  Got a call from the auto technician.  He told me that our air filter was really dirty and that one of our battery terminals was very corroded.  “I can change those,” I thought to myself as I declined further service.  He told me the terminal would break soon, but I’ve changed those before.

Then, I picked up our truck and started to drive home.  One mile.  That’s all I needed to get to the bathroom and lunch.  Both of which, I needed with some level of urgency.  Half way there, it died.  Dead.  No lights.  No sounds.  Nothing.  I popped the hood and, yes, the terminal had broken.  And, to add insult to injury, I’d never seen one like it.  I called the technician and told him it was coming back.  I called AAA and arranged to have it towed (what else to I pay them for?).  Then, I ran the last half mile home, picked up some of our kids and headed back to the location of the truck, luckily it died at a park.  AAA was there and took the truck back to the shop.  So, I drove home and the entire family walked the half mile back to the park.  When the truck was ready, I pushed Kate in her stroller the next half mile to pick it up (his is when having only one vehicle that your whole family fits in begins to hit home) and drove home.

So, for my easy day, I got about 4.5 miles of running or walking in, an oil change, and a new battery cable terminal.  Not to mention I got to give the technician like $70.

Is the story over?  Not on your life.  Early Sunday morning, I walked to my car to head to church.  As I approached it I noticed a slight glow through the frosted windows.  My kids had turned the cabin light on.  Turning the key got me nothing.

Thanks, Randy and Matthew, for the rides.

But Sunday, it was good.  Praising our Almighty God, good.  Afternoon nap, good.  Rehearsal, good.  Time with family, very good.

How was your weekend?



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