9 years//my my

Emma turns 9 today.  9 years is so hard to imagine.  I wrote her birth story last year so you can read it here. For all of you mad at te weather man about the false predictions of snow, it was snowing the day we brought Emma home from the hospital in Louisville, KY.  You may have noticed that she is not dressed for school.  Birthdays are school missing worthy in the Crisman household.

Sonya painted up the window then made chocolate-chip pancakes.  Emma is my fellow chocolate lover.  She chose a manicure/pedicure for her birthday present and a birthday lunch at Pas’ghetti’s, complete with a chocolate potato (don’t worry, it’s actually made of ice cream).  It is the best restaurant dessert in the world.  She is full of personality and can say more words in a row without a breath than anyone I’ve ever met.  She has been on a great journey with the Lord this year and is pursuing Him like never before.  Nothing makes me prouder.

I love you Emma!  And I am very proud of you.  Happy Birthday!



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