Heart of the Bride and Haiti Recovery

Hey guys, I’ve shared about Heart of the Bride ministries before.  They have an orphanage that was not affected by the earthquake directly but many refugees are fleeing to the northwest corner of the county where they are located.  Their partner there is giving food from their food supply and clothing from his own family.  Please consider donating directly to the Heart of the Bride Haiti Recovery Fund to help them with this effort.  Here is an email from the founder and president of Heart of the Bride Ministries, Tony Gibson, explaining the situation:

I need to provide an update regarding the letter that I sent to out last week. Things have changed, and we really need help now. As we were making preparations for the people that would inevitably come to the town of Maure Rouge from Port as Prince, they were already on there way. We were receiving news reports that people were loading big buses and headed out to the villages even specifically to the Northwest. At the same time, we finally reached our Haitian Partner, by phone, who told us that refugees were flooding into town.

He had escaped from a collapsed house in Port a few days earlier broken hearted over the devastation and anxious to help. Yesterday he was already feeding people from our food supply, giving away clothes and shoes from his own family, and giving people medical treatment. He was so burdened about their physical condition. All of this, just on the first day…

We are now in the center of the storm, and we need help. We have already sent out the money that has come in this weekend to the recovery fund. Our partner, Edner is a close personal brother who has a true compassion for the people, OUTSTANDING administrative skills, proven integrity and management with money, and he has the capacity to organize meaningful physical and spiritual help if he has the resources. We have relationships with other Christian leaders there as well.

We also have a food distribution system in place, and a facility that can be converted into a “Haitian Led” relief center. I am in contact with him multiple times each day helping him think through the long term implications of any decision. We are preparing for the long term including expanded care for orphans which will be needed in that area over the coming months, but for today we need to help take care of the many strangers that the Lord loves, and we have the opportunity to use every resource provided in a very direct and meaningful way.

For those of you who know how we operate, we send out the money that comes in. God is always faithful, but we are usually praying for our basic needs to be met that provides for the many monnthly wires meets the needs of hundreds of orphans……so, we don’t have big undesignated funds sitting around. We help as God provides, and we are asking Him to provide for this incredible need.

In the home front, one of our volunteer staff members served many years in Haiti as a Marine Commander and government liaison. He has led out in disaster relief and management throughout his career. He is assisting us in expanding our contacts for alternate ways to reach Maure Rouge and coordination with high level relief organizations. We will not be spending money on things that could be done another way, and I will be taking a small team in as an alternate route is secured. By the way, we have already started a list of those who want to go in with us this year. Anyone who wants to get on that list should contact karen@heartofthebride.org.  There will be opportunities to help in that way, but sending money is the most important thing before we spend money to go.

Please consider being an advocate for this need. The need is now, and I wouldn’t mind hearing from anyone who plans to get involved. It will be so encouraging for me to tell Edner and others there about any commitment that our friends of HOB have made on their behalf.

Our ministry is completely about relationships, and this plea is about helping many people that we love who are doing all that they can do to help their brothers. Pray for the gospel to go out as these hands are extended.

We are so humbled and thankful to be a part of His work and to serve our Haitian brothers, sisters, and partners in these days.

Peace, Tony

Please pray for these people and prayerfully consider giving to this effort.



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