Idol Update and 2.28.10 @ MeadowBrook

Strange mixture I know, but I have to acknowledge that I missed 3 of the 4 that went home last night.  Joe Munoz should not have gone home before some others.  But America did us a great favor that I did not expect by sending Tyler Grady home.  I can’t believe he blamed the judges.  Typical egotistical behavior.  He really loves himself.  Good riddance.

The girls, well I got one of them.  Doesn’t really matter.  My  favorites are still there on both sides.

This weekend is DNOW for our students.  Pray for God to move.  Salvation.  Rededication.  Surrender.  Yes, pray for all of these.  Pastor Josh will preach on Sunday.  It’s going to be great.  Here’s the music:

Send Up Your Praise (choir)

Let the Praises Ring

How Great Thou Art

Jesus Messiah

a special from some of our students

I can’t wait to feel all of the energy from the students that will spend the weekend seeking God.  Come and worship!



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