finally getting exciting

Finally, American Idol got exciting last night.  Finally, it was fun.  I think the biggest thing I saw was the division between those who should be there and those who shouldn’t.  Here’s my take:

The five girls that should be there:

Crystal Bowersox – amazing performance, great voice, natural talent, different

Lilly Scott – same as Bowersox, but I have to admit I liked Lilly better last night

Siobhan Magnus – whether you liked the high note or not, she’s got game, serious game

Katelyn Epperly – haven’t liked her until last night, but she brought it

Paige Miles – haven’t really liked her either, but last night she showed power, range, control, and a thick tone quality, just needs to develop her head voice more before she uses it much

The rest, yuck!  Yeah, I like Lacey Brown’s personality and I like her tone, but she doesn’t have staying power.  Who should go home?  If it were up to me: Michelle Delamor and Didi Benami (which pains me to say, I like her early on, I think she can still bring it, but she better hurry up if she gets to stay).

The guys all pretty much stunk this week.  I’ll be fine with anyone going home except Andrew, Casey, or Lee (though I’m still on the fence about Lee).

Well, we’ll see how I do.



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