you’re just a what?//more flashbacks

Brotey sat and watched School House Rock videos for at least an hour last week.  It feels so good to share bits of my childhood with our children.

It’s funny, even with new technology and much better graphics, the old stuff still works.  I guess there’s no school like the old school.



2 responses to “you’re just a what?//more flashbacks

  • Dawn Wade

    Yeah, I learned SO much as a kid from those School House Rock videos on Saturday mornings. They were so well done. But just remember, they left out “of the United States” out of the U.S. Constitution Preamble song, so you’ll need to personally handle that bit a supplemental teaching! 😀

  • Mary nell Bozeman

    Jason is directing School House Rock next year at GCHS. I think it will be great. I so remember my kids singing those songs all the time.

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