just an innocent dance

17 years ago tonight, Sonya and I went to The University of Mobile’s Spring Banquet together.  We agreed to go because Sonya was avoiding the invitation of another and my girl friend lived in Texas.  Just friends.  That’s all.

The Wednesday before, my girl friend broke up with me.  Sonya came and held me.  Comforted me.  Stalked me.  Well, maybe not stalked, but I’m sure she was smirking behind my back.  Friday, we went to the dance with another mutual friend, Eddie, a.k.a. Third Wheel.

As the night started we danced as friends.  Hands on hips and shoulders, a safe distance apart.  By the end of the night, we danced somewhat closer.

On the way home, Eddie sat in the back seat and didn’t say a word as Sonya and I talked nonstop.

At the door, there was that quick awkward pause, then the hug, then a “good night”, followed by another hug, then a quick kiss, followed by another quick kiss, then Sonya (who denies this, by the way) said “Wait,” grabbed me around the neck, and…

17 years later, we’re dying Easter eggs with our 5 kids, serving God, seeking His will, and loving each other more than ever before.  She has never been more beautiful.  Never been more appealing.  Never been a closer friend than she is today.

The egg says “Sonya loves Brian.”  I love you too!



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