two paths

It seems to me that Robert Frost was right, there are two paths.  In fact, in broad, general terms, there are just two paths.  I started over in the Psalms yesterday, and today I see how Psalms 1 and 2 fit together.  When you read them together, you see the two paths – the way of Jesus that leads to life and the way of the wicked which leads to destruction.

Now don’t just answer this question quickly.  Think about it.  Pray about it.  Which path are you on?

The path to destruction is all too easy to get on.  Jesus called it the “wide road” where many travel.  Many are on that road and don’t even know it. There are many on ramps to that road that look enticing.  But what you can’t see around the bend is destruction.

The one to life, well, it’s way too barren.  Because it’s narrow.  There’s only one on ramp and it asks something of us.  It asks for full surrender.  It’s Jesus and He asks for your life.  Everything.

Many pass this road and go on to church.  Yes, even in our church, there are two roads.  Many are on the wide one.  Few are on the narrow.  So I ask again, which road are you on?

The answer has huge consequences.



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