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no internet

No internet were we are staying.  Sounds bad but we’re at the beach.  Temps are nice.  Muscles are starting to relax.  I’ll catch you up when I can.  Next week is going to be a busy one.  Moving is never easy.



moving//checking in

Haven’t written since Tuesday.  Boy, it’s been busy.  We’ve bought a house.  Still need to sell one.  Pray.

Still need to post more about saying “Goodbye.”  There’s so much to say.  The expressions of love from our family at MeadowBrook were truly overwhelming.

But today, let me say a few things about the day we drove up.

Old faithful, made it like a champ.  She shimmied at first as though to say, “We don’t go this fast!”  But then she settled down and it was smooth sailing from there.

The GPS unit that the MeadowBrook Worship Ministry gave us found a perfect place just above my iPod.  It found a Taco Bell, a Rest Area, a Cracker Barrel, and led us right to our hotel.  At the end it showed that we needed to go one more foot to arrive at our destination.  I could have gone one more foot to satisfy it but decided to stick it to the GPS!  That’s how I roll.

You can find anything at a Cracker Barrel.  Not the girl, the cape!  A princess cape to be exact.

The kids did great on the trip.  I got personal time with each of the older ones in the car.

Today, we start our journey toward the beach.


saying goodbye//we will miss the cris

On our way to diner last week, we came upon a protest.

Thanks Louderbacks.  We will miss you greatly.

Brian, Sonya, and family.

what goodbye looks like//part 2

I’m not gonna use many words, just gonna post some pics throughout the week.  The expressions of love and gratitude have been truly overwhelming.  MeadowBrook and Gadsden have become our home in the purest sense.  We love you all so much.  Thank you for embracing and loving us and our kids.

The cake a choir member made for us (please notice my soul patch and Sonya’s highlights):

The full spread that the choir put on for us.  This was just their party, pics from the whole church party are coming later:

The care package for our kids from my secretary:

Kate and her best friend (fwiend) Avery:

The precious ladies who love our kids about as much as we do.  I can’t say enough about Miss Sandi and Miss Linda.  They are awesome:

As I process pics, I’ll put them up.  Thanks again for all of your love and support as we chase God’s will.


7.18.10 @ MeadowBrook

My feelings are so mixed about Sunday.  As to worship, I am so pumped.  So are the choir and the band.  It is going to be a great day of praising our Savior for His work on our behalf.  As to it being our last Sunday, well…it’s tough.  We love you MeadowBrook and are so thankful for our time together.  So let’s get together one more time and and exalt our Mighty King!  Here’s the list:

Thou, O Lord (choir)

Victory in Jesus

Jesus Messiah

Jesus Paid It All (with O Praise the One…)

The Mercy Seat (with Lord, Have Mercy)

Can’t wait to sing with you.


Boyz 2 Men is starting to make a lot more sense now//what good bye looks like

It’s so hard to say good bye.  We have family close by.  We have close friends (more family) here.  There are many in this church who we love.  Who love us.  Who love and love on our kids.  What does saying good bye look like?

Kate with her cousins Payton and Hadley:

Brotey with his friend Parker:

Emma with her best friend Caroline:

Sonya with her parents on her birthday (and Scotty in the back ground):

Sonya with Kristi and Katina:

Sonya with her sister Cyndy and niece Molly:

The birthday cake Kristi and Katina made for Sonya (and me):

Mocha cake.  Awesome!


7.11.10 @ MeadowBrook

We only have two more Sundays together so we’re going to pack it in.  Let’s worship with all our might and exalt our Savior above all.  This week we will sing:

Days of Elijah

Do It Lord (new one that the worship ministry is so excited about)

Glory in the Highest

Revelation Song

I Will Rise

Pastor Josh will be preaching as Pastor Randy and family are on vacation.  It’s going to be a great day.  Can’t wait.