unexpected gifts

It has been so hard to blog this year.  As an open book, it’s hard to write when I can’t bare all of my heart and soul.  I hope that as this move progresses and we settle in that I can return to regular blogging.

There are so many emotions right now.  Excitement.  Sadness.  Expectation.  Nervousness.  Anticipation.  Roller coaster doesn’t even begin to describe the feelings we have now.  But one thing is for sure, we know we are in God’s will.  He continues to make it so clear.  Even in our kids.

We involved them in the process of seeking God’s will right after we sensed He was moving in this direction.  We want them to learn to seek Him and His will and learn to obey Him even when it’s hard.  And to His praise, they are learning.  Just two nights ago, our oldest confirmed that even though she is struggling with moving, she knows that God wants us to and we must obey.  And they are seeing Him move in their fears and worries.  One of their biggest worries is making friends.  From our first visit God began to form special friendships with kids from Cape especially with one family.  Yesterday our kids got special letters with gifts from that family.

Personal letters and necklaces that say “BFF” for the girls and a crazy band for Brotey.  Those gifts and letters meant the world to them.

Our kids are learning to step out in faith and seeing God move for them as He moves for His glory.

This is a crazy journey.  But there is no better place to be than right in the middle of God’s will.



3 responses to “unexpected gifts

  • Carrie Austin

    This brings tears to my eyes! You guys are awesome parents and this encourages me, as a parent, to seek God and not forget to include my kids in the process. Oh the amazing blessings He gives!

  • mary nell

    This is all about our Amazing God. Just make their song for this journey, I Am A Friend of God.

  • Erica

    That’s wonderful and an answered prayer. After early service last Sunday have been thinking about your kids, especially Victoria and Emma….I guess it is the school counselor in me. That is great to hear.

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