moving//checking in

Haven’t written since Tuesday.  Boy, it’s been busy.  We’ve bought a house.  Still need to sell one.  Pray.

Still need to post more about saying “Goodbye.”  There’s so much to say.  The expressions of love from our family at MeadowBrook were truly overwhelming.

But today, let me say a few things about the day we drove up.

Old faithful, made it like a champ.  She shimmied at first as though to say, “We don’t go this fast!”  But then she settled down and it was smooth sailing from there.

The GPS unit that the MeadowBrook Worship Ministry gave us found a perfect place just above my iPod.  It found a Taco Bell, a Rest Area, a Cracker Barrel, and led us right to our hotel.  At the end it showed that we needed to go one more foot to arrive at our destination.  I could have gone one more foot to satisfy it but decided to stick it to the GPS!  That’s how I roll.

You can find anything at a Cracker Barrel.  Not the girl, the cape!  A princess cape to be exact.

The kids did great on the trip.  I got personal time with each of the older ones in the car.

Today, we start our journey toward the beach.



2 responses to “moving//checking in

  • Miss Linda

    Give that girl in the cape a hug for me and and Miss Sandi all her sisters and brother. Miss ya’ll soooo much. Have a great time at the beach! Love ya’ll, Miss linda

  • Dawn Wade

    Great to hear an update & that things are going well! Still praying for everything still to come in your transition.

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