moving, moving, moving – God is good

Did you think I’d forgotten about this blog?  Between stopping, starting, planning, packing, flying, loading, goodbying, and driving I’ve had little time to write.  In the last three weeks we’ve covered a couple thousand miles on the ground and in the air.

Goodbyes are hard.  I’ve never felt so emotionally drained.  MeadowBrook, you’ve loved us like we’ve never known a church’s love.  Thank you for loving us for the past seven years and for treating us so special this last month.

Missouri, we came, we saw, we bought a house.  Then we beached.  And, man, did we need the vacation.  It was relaxing, restful, and the lack of oil made for a great beach trip.  While we were traveling some precious people in Alabama cleaned our old house while some precious people in Missouri cleaned new house.  What a blessing!

Thanks to a love gift of air miles, I flew up for the first choir rehearsal.  Many new and returning faces joined with me to have one great and productive time.  It’s early, but I think they get me.  I’m sure we’re gonna have a good time serving our Savior.

The next day I flew home to drive our family up.  We pulled our U-Haul trailer through a Starbucks drive-thru.  Our 1:30 a.m. arrival was sweetened by the fact that I forgot to remove our new house keys from the bag that I packed at the front of the trailer.  At 1:30 a.m. I unloaded the trailer on the driveway, found the keys, and opened up the house – now at 2:00 a.m.  At 3:45 a.m. we went to bed.  We bedded down in the basement where there are no windows so everyone slept until 11:00 a.m.  Not bad.

Then there was Sunday.  Our first Sunday.  I don’t even know how to put it into words.  The choir rocked.  The band was tight.  God showed up.  The Word was strong.  The Holy Spirit moved.  Don’t know what else to say except that God continues to confirm His will in our lives.  It’s more than just Sunday.  The vision Lynwood has for evangelism, discipleship, ministry, missions, and worship.  Our hearts already beat as one.

We are ready to go.  Our stuff arrived today and we now have furniture in our house.  Tonight, we will sleep in our own beds.  Tomorrow, we will wake with excitement ready to serve and worship here at Lynwood.

Thursday is the first day of school so please be praying.  I desperately hope to get back to blogging now.  Whether you live in Alabama, Missouri, or somewhere else, we love you all.



5 responses to “moving, moving, moving – God is good

  • Ashley L.

    We are so glad yall are here and Kurt and I are so excited to serve with you!!

  • mary nell

    Miss you guys. Praying for all the kids and school, especially Brotey, Hope he will get out of the car.

  • Brandon Snyder

    Just wondering, do they have midget wrestling? Glad to know you are settling down, we are missing you. We love ya’ll!

  • rick


    I can not begin to tell you how often you have been on my heart. I really miss you guys. Our brothers and sisters at Lynnwood have no idea what is in store for them. You guys are such a blessing.

    So here is a suggestion for your next blog post.


    email me so we can get connected. I know Caroline is ready to hear from Emma…so shoot me your cell number if has changed…

    love you bud. Miss you greatly – can’t wait to connect this fall!

    (oh yea…I totally invited myself to your house!)

  • Sonya Crisman

    thank you everyone and Rick – ya’ll are totally obligated to come in fall!!! we are counting on it!

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