friendship//skype style

Long distance friendships.  They ain’t what they used to be.  Then again, they’re a little easier than they used to be.  They still stink.  But you used could only hear your friends 350 miles away.

Enter Skype.

Saturday night we spent an hour on Skype with the Malones and the Louderbacks, our best friends and Rainbow City Friday night group.

We hung out with Josh and Kristi, 350 miles apart.

We observed Scotty’s death grip on Katina from 7.5 hours away.  Really he was just hugging her, though it looks like we should call 911.

We saw Scotty get a little carried away three states away.

It wasn’t the same as Friday’s at the Crismans’, but it was nice.  Definitely better than a phone call.  Miss you guys!

Brian and Sonya


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