welcome to Missouri//my drive to work



12 responses to “welcome to Missouri//my drive to work

  • BrotherPhil

    Ummmmmm… DUDE!!!! That’s a RIGHT, not a left onto Lexington

  • littlelolli

    You are going to have to do a video of the drive up to the church this fall when the trees put on the fall color show…it is awesome!

  • BrotherPhil

    General Baptists… you don’t remember your Baptist History class???????

  • Sonya Crisman

    I am excited about that fall color show! I hear it’s quite a sight!

  • moniquestrickland

    Ummmm…correct me if I’m wrong…but the Bible talks about being filled with the holy spirit…aka “speaking in tongues” don’t knock us Penecostals! We obey the Bible 😉

  • Kristal

    You’re kinda funny, aren’t you? 😉

    First, ditto Phil. You totally made a right, not a left.

    And Lynwood Hills Drive was named after the church. Cause our church is cool like that. 🙂

  • Melissa O.

    Yep dude, that was a right and we all giggled. Have to tell you that as I watched with the volume up Jake came running from his room at the sound of your voice:) Miss you guys!

  • Nikki

    Love how you “look over your shoulder for safety” as you video and narrate while you drive. You crack me up!

  • Rick


    the only way I would have laughed harder is if the 80’s / 90’s Christian music soundtrack that was playing in head for you, would have actually been part of the experience.

    I really miss you bro. The new church is beautiful. I can not wait to meet your new friends when we visit.

    Got to go…a left hand turn is calling my name.

    Saddle up your horses (I could not resist, the soundtrack continues to play!)


  • Jonathan

    Awesome glasses, think I have a pair of those. Great video, I laughed all the way through it. Maybe I’ll do one of my drive to work… will have to split it in to 6 parts, since youtube has a 10 min limit.

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