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the first big Missouri snow

at least for us!

Merry Christmas!


and Christmas came early

2010 has been a big year in many ways.  New home.  New church.  New schools.  New friends.  Wonderful and hard all at the same time.  So this Christmas needed to be a little special.  One trip to the Humane Society makes all the difference:

Merry Christmas!


iPad symphony//what can’t it do?

sorry the link was messed up the first time.  That’s what I get for posting from a PC.


Ellie declares her love…

…for her daddy!!!


double digits

10 years ago today, seminary finals were temporarily interupted by Emma’s early arrival.  In true Crisman kid fashion, she was a week early.  You can read her birth story here.

Today, she is 10.

Double digits.  It’s a big day.

She’s an awesome big sister,

has a great sense of style,

beautiful blue eyes,

loves to spend time with her family,

loves the Lord and has a big, compassionate heart.

Emma, we are so proud of you!

Brian (Daddy) and Sonya (Mommy)