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2.27.11 at Lynwood

Lynwood people.  You do not want to miss tomorrow.  The music.  The Word.  They’ve got me pumped.  But then there’s more.  Brian Daniel will be with us painting during the worship.  You don’t want to miss this.  Here’s the set:


Oh How I Love the Name of Jesus (choir)

Today is the Day

Our God is Greater

Your Love



All Because of Jesus

How He Loves

I am so ready.


Emma conquers the high dive

Monday we checked out a local indoor pool.  Perry Park Center…totally worth the drive and money.  While we were there, Emma conquered the high dive.

Man, she’s fearless.  Consequently, I’m terrified.


Brotey? Robin Hood? hard to tell

Saturday, my boy got his archery badge on his second attempt.  He’d never even touched a bow before.  One lesson.  Second round.  4 out of 6.  Way to go!


the kids’ reactions to the Great News

In case you missed it, we are having another baby.  Number 6.  I mean, it had to happen.  We moved.  And in each house, we have a baby.  Apartment/house #6 = baby #6.  It was inevitable.  Not to mention, doctor #6.  Crazy.  Even crazier, our kids are pumped.  I can’t believe that I didn’t video us telling them but my incredible wife started writing down their reactions.  Here they are:


Kate – “I hope you have twins.”

Victoria – “Now we have a band.”

Emma – “Ellie, wanna be a big sissy?”

Ellie – “Uh huh.”

Victoria – “I am so happy for you…and me!”

Brotey – “How old will this baby be when I’m 1,000?”

Victoria – “Better be packing up your skinny jeans.”

Emma (who currently holds the record for the biggest Crisman baby) – “He or she better not be born big.  That’s my record.  Mama, don’t eat a lot…keep that baby tiny!”


Our kids are awesome.  Thank you Lord!


Bandermann gets owned

Jason, dude, how old was that kid that beat you?

All in good fun.


on Valentine’s Day

I think about my beautiful bride.

I love the way she loves the Lord and His Word.

I love that I am giving her a new copy of the Bible because hers is so worn out.

I love the way she seeks God with all of her heart and how it shows in the genuine way she worships Him.

I love how she loves others and mentors those who are growing in Christ.

I love how she holds fast to God through tough and uncertain times and how faithfully she clings to Him.

I love that we get to seek God together on this crazy journey of following His will.

I love the way she loves our children and makes Valentine’s Day something special for us all. (They love and look forward to it every year.)

[chocolate chip mascarpone cupcakes covered in chocolate ganache]

I love that she loves to play in the snow.

I even love that she likes for Comet to sit with us at night.

And, I love the way she walks.  I love the way she sits.  The way she smiles.  The way she sleeps, cooks with love, laughs (even at my corny jokes), loves our children, and every little thing that makes her Sonya.  She is awesome!

I love you Sonya Danielle Crisman.  Thank you for loving me and our children.  We are so blessed.


in Alabama this would be a snow day, but in Missouri…

it’s a school day!