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well done…

Today, another saint has joined the praise of our Savior, right there before His throne.  But, where do I begin to describe Mary Nell Bozeman?  She sang like a song bird.  She served selflessly.  She loved wholeheartedly.  She was a mentor to many, many people.  She was a mom to many.  A grandmother to many (especially two special little kids in NC).  She was honest.  Oh yes, she was honest even when you didn’t want her to be.  You never doubted what she was thinking.  You could disagree with her and still be friends.  You could depend on her.

She served God at MeadowBrook for many years.  She sang in the choir.  Directed the choir.  Taught kids about Jesus and music.  Taught them about praising the Lord.  Taught Sunday School.  Mentored hurting women.

She was a great friend to Sonya and me.  She loved us and our kids.  She will be missed.

But if there is anyone I know who heard the words, “Well done my good and faithful servant,” it’s Mary Nell.  And I know she heard them this morning.  Praise Jesus.


i can take my shirt off in public//week 1

Sorry I’m a day late.  Had a death in the famliy and had to run to AL for a funeral.  Also messed up the rhythm of my first week.  But still not a bad week fitness wise.

Yesterday’s weigh in had me at 169.5.  That’s 3 pounds down from last Thursday.  I’ll take that.  I have had a hard time working out in the early morn but that’s the only time I can do it.  I feel horrible when I run or work out so I’ve adjusted my diet and tried drinking half my protein shake (mixed in water, not milk) before I worked out this morning.  That made a huge difference.

Yesterday’s run was horrible so let’s leave it in the past.  Today, I did P90X Legs and Back as well as Ab Ripper X.  Drinking the protein shake before made a huge difference.  I felt great and made it through.  But then again, I like pain (workout pain that is).  I’m ready for a full week next week.  Bring it on.



My grandmother passed away today.  God was very merciful to her.  She suffered from congestive heart failure and had 7 “episodes” over the last month and a half.  Today, she quietly went to be with her Lord.  A few weeks ago, we got to visit her and hear here testify about Jesus.  I was quietly recording with my iPhone.  Here’s the video:

Her godly legacy now extends to the fourth generation.  Faith.  Music.  She was a church organist for more years than have known on this earth.  In August of 2008, I got some video of her playing the piano.  She could barely see the piano but when she found the keys:

She was a southern belle, but if you watched the video you don’t need me to tell you that.  She loved her Lord and loved her family.  She will be missed but we are all resting knowing that tonight she is receiving the reward for her faith.


baby Kate is no longer four

Nope. She turned  5 yesterday. You can read her birth story here. She had spend the night company on Tuesday, her best Missouri friend, Marlee:


Yesterday morning, presents:

Her presents say a lot about her. Princess makeup and moon sand.  She’s our messy princess!

She loves the water. Kate is cute, quirky, funny, and very smart. She has done quite well with the move. She loves her friends in Alabama and has made new ones here. She is a trooper. We can’t wait to see what God uses her for.  And at the end of the day:

she’s still our messy princes!  We love you Kate!

Daddy (Brian)

6.19.11 @ Lynwood

Father’s Day is gonna be a packed day at Lynwood.  We will be hearing from and voting on our first College/Missions Pastor.  These are exciting times.  The field is white for the harvest around the world and right here in Cape!  And believe me when I tell you, we need as many people reaching out to the SEMO campus as possible!

Here’s the Sunday set:

Hallelujah, You’re Worthy To Be Praised (choir)

Hearing from Todd and the vote

Marvelous Light

Glory to God Forever

Jesus Paid It All

Here’s a little preview of the choir number:

Hope to see you Sunday!


wanna join me in the i can take my shirt off in public program?

I’m joining Los Whittaker (Ragamuffin Soul) and like 150 others in the I Can Take My Shirt Off In Public Program.  It starts today.  There’s no set program.  Do what’s best for you.

I’m with many of Ragamuffin’s followers in the commitment to diet AND exercise.  You gotta control what you eat and you need to be fit.  I want to feel better and live longer.  I mean, let’s face it, I’ve got to make it to the age of 52 just to see Ellie graduate from High School.  But I want more than that, I want to play with her kids!  I want to play with all of my future grandkids.  So, I’m in.

We (Sonya and I) actually started Monday.  Weight Watchers.  The old school version (because we have the stuff and aren’t paying to get the new stuff and it works for us).  On Monday I weighed in at 175.5 lbs.  About 15 pounds to heavy for me.  Pants that aren’t usually tight are tight and hurting.  And I my inner thighs rubbed raw at the beach last week.  It’s been years since that happened.  Today I stepped on the scale and saw:

The first week you lose more weight because of the shock.  I’m aiming for 2 pounds per week from here on.

As to workouts, I’m going to mix P90X and running starting Monday.  I ran today: 3.03 miles, 27:19.  That’s 9 minute miles.  Stinks.

Sonya is spinning and doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.

So, wanna join us?  I’ll report my stuff every Thursday.  Feel free to do the same.


what a difference a year makes

Here are our oldest girls ready for their first camp experience.

Last year, they were scheduled to go with our former church, but God’s plans for us didn’t allow it.  We would be moving that week.  In fact, there was a lot going on this time last year.  It was on Memorial Day weekend that we told our kids our suspicion that God was going to move us.  The following weekend God confirmed it in a visit.  So, this time last year we had just returned from a visit to Cape Girardeau where God confirmed His will to us.  We were trying to figure out how all of this would work.  Putting our house on the market.  Planning a weekend “in view of a call.”  Arranging a move before school started.  Hugging our friends.  And hugging our kids.

This would be the hardest move we’d made yet.  We’d lived in Gadsden for seven years.  Two of our kids were born there.  The others hardly remembered any other place if they remembered anything at all.  They had best friends, were comfortable with their school.  They loved our house and of course, the pool!  There were many questions.

So, we followed God’s will and began our “great adventure” towards Missouri.  God worked in wonderful ways to show us His love and help our move.  But the kids struggled.  They knew we had to go, but they didn’t want to.  They made friends quickly but missed their old ones terribly.  When they spoke of “home,” they meant Alabama.  When Brotey and Emma sung the Alma Schrader Elementary School song in an assembly, they omitted the line, “Alma Schrader my favorite school.”

In the few trips we’ve taken back to Alabama, they cheered when we crossed over into the “Heart of Dixie” but didn’t really make a sound when coming back into the “Show Me” state.  Until yesterday.

Yesterday was different.  It was the typical 12.5 hour journey from Destin, through Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.  But, when we hit the Missouri state line, something different happened.  Our kids cheered!  Cheered I said.  We knew it would take some time for them to begin to appreciate our new home but it is finally happening.  Praise God.  Now they have best friends in two states.  Friends they can’t wait to see it Alabama and friends they can’t wait to see in Missouri.  They love our house and our new church.  They still have some mixed emotions, we all do.  But Cape is becoming our home.  Lynwood is becoming our family.  And our kids are smiling.  So, we smile.

Following God’s will is one crazy adventure.  It isn’t always easy, but it is always the best.  Chase it.

Oh, and Kate was ready for camp too.  But she’s still got a few years to go.

Thanks for praying.