what a difference a year makes

Here are our oldest girls ready for their first camp experience.

Last year, they were scheduled to go with our former church, but God’s plans for us didn’t allow it.  We would be moving that week.  In fact, there was a lot going on this time last year.  It was on Memorial Day weekend that we told our kids our suspicion that God was going to move us.  The following weekend God confirmed it in a visit.  So, this time last year we had just returned from a visit to Cape Girardeau where God confirmed His will to us.  We were trying to figure out how all of this would work.  Putting our house on the market.  Planning a weekend “in view of a call.”  Arranging a move before school started.  Hugging our friends.  And hugging our kids.

This would be the hardest move we’d made yet.  We’d lived in Gadsden for seven years.  Two of our kids were born there.  The others hardly remembered any other place if they remembered anything at all.  They had best friends, were comfortable with their school.  They loved our house and of course, the pool!  There were many questions.

So, we followed God’s will and began our “great adventure” towards Missouri.  God worked in wonderful ways to show us His love and help our move.  But the kids struggled.  They knew we had to go, but they didn’t want to.  They made friends quickly but missed their old ones terribly.  When they spoke of “home,” they meant Alabama.  When Brotey and Emma sung the Alma Schrader Elementary School song in an assembly, they omitted the line, “Alma Schrader my favorite school.”

In the few trips we’ve taken back to Alabama, they cheered when we crossed over into the “Heart of Dixie” but didn’t really make a sound when coming back into the “Show Me” state.  Until yesterday.

Yesterday was different.  It was the typical 12.5 hour journey from Destin, through Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.  But, when we hit the Missouri state line, something different happened.  Our kids cheered!  Cheered I said.  We knew it would take some time for them to begin to appreciate our new home but it is finally happening.  Praise God.  Now they have best friends in two states.  Friends they can’t wait to see it Alabama and friends they can’t wait to see in Missouri.  They love our house and our new church.  They still have some mixed emotions, we all do.  But Cape is becoming our home.  Lynwood is becoming our family.  And our kids are smiling.  So, we smile.

Following God’s will is one crazy adventure.  It isn’t always easy, but it is always the best.  Chase it.

Oh, and Kate was ready for camp too.  But she’s still got a few years to go.

Thanks for praying.



One response to “what a difference a year makes

  • gadrockgomer

    Hard to believe that it has been a year. I still remember that night at the Bible study. Praise God that He is moving in the lives of your kids. You are one of my best friends, and I thank God that we were able to meet that day in 2006, and praise JESUS for His continued movement in yalls lives. We love you, and look forward to hopefully being able to share our story with you soon.

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