Kate’s big adventure//what next

Many of you have seen our FaceBook posts and Tweets about Kate. Here’s the story:

Kate woke up Monday, July 4, with a swollen, sore knee. No reason. No trauma. Tuesday she started running a fever that reached 102.5. Wednesday, we took her to Dr. Hoffman and she was still running fever and an inflamatory marker was elevated. After blood tests, leukemia was ruled out, but bacterial infection and even staph were still among the worst “unknowns.” Both would require surgery to clean and I.V. antibiotics. So, the best option was to go to Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, let them test, and if anything needed to be done they could do it there. We went to the ER and saw three doctors: a resident, the attending, and a pediatric orthopedist. At 1:50a.m. they put her out and removed some fluid. The tests came back negative for all the bad stuff, so they sent us home. We got home right after 5a.m. No diagnosis, just “give her some Ibuprofen” and keep a watch on it.

Every morning it is swollen and sore. She usually asks to be carried down stairs. After Ibuprofen and a little time it gets better. Still swollen and sore but she can walk and even run some.

Yesterday, when she woke, her knee was visibly more swollen, the pain was pretty bad, and her fever returned. So, they admitted her yesterday to Children’s Hospital in St. Louis for testing. We will see a rheumatologist this afternoon and get some recommendations.  The suspicion is Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.


Kate is handling this well. In fact, this is like a little adventure. She gets breakfast in bed,


special guests who bring her toys, and check out our view:


We like to pretend that we’re in a luxurious 5th Avenue apartment overlooking Central Park.  It’s kind of like princess living. Accept for the doctors and needles!

Please pray for our little girl.



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