mr. mom//day 9

Yeah, I’m writing this Monday morning.  Yesterday was the hardest day so far.  I think everyone is feeling the absence of Sonya with increasing intensity.

I am really struggling not leading worship right now.  How can I not sing to my God?  That’s what He created me to do.  I am trusting Him with my voice.  He’s knows what’s up.

Kate and Ellie woke up from their naps in bad moods.  I mean bad moods.  Then I was glad I wasn’t leading worship  because we didn’t make it before the service started!  They were so tired and hungry on the way home and we were out of diapers.  So thankful that Taco Bell is on the way to Schnuck’s.

It’s 5 days until Saturday.  I miss my best friend and my mate.

But there were some bright moments in the day.  Kate after the morning service:




Brotey enjoying chocolate milk at our friends house:


Lunch with friends, complete with magic tricks and balloon animals.  And, of course, a call from Sonya.

I was so good to hear her voice.  They started the camp yesterday and their most intense week of ministry.  175 kids, 24/7 until the day they leave, which is this coming Friday!!!  Pray for Holly Johnson, a friend of ours not the trip.  She is sick with a stomach virus or a parasite.  Sonya is taking care of her as well as a really good doctor.  She has medicine and is getting better.  But, like I said, this is a really intense week.  Pray for healing, pray for strength, pray for stamina, and above all, pray for God to move.

Can’t wait to hear about all that God does.




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