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ministry update//coffee and a house?

It has been a whirlwind week. We traveled to Gadsden, AL to reconnect with some dear friends and share about our ministry. It was a blast! We had worship with some great musicians who love the Lord, wonderful fellowship, and amazing coffee! The next time you’re in Gadsden do hit The Coffee Well. It’s worth it. Best mocha frappuccino I’ve ever had.
Then, we rose early on Sunday to make a “quick” trip to Crestview, FL to look at a house. Sounded easy enough. Leave Gadsden at 7:30am. Arrive in Crestview at noon. Look at house. Leave by 1:30pm. Be back in Cape Girardeau around midnight. And it would have worked…except Kate got a stomach virus. So, with her blessing, we loaded her up on Imodium and Zofran and made the trip. Only, we got back to Cape at 4am instead of midnight.
It may have been worth it, though. The house is amazing. It’s a foreclosure that is in great shape and at a nice price. So, we made an offer today and wait to see how God will move in it. Now, that may not sound like much, but it’s a huge step of faith for a family that is only about 25% funded right now. We believe that this is God’s plan for us and He will provide what we need.
So, now we just have to be patient and wait and see. Oh yeah, and get better…Sonya caught the stomach virus!  I’ll spare you more details.
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Crisman ministry transition FAQs

Hey everybody,

Because of the nature and length of our ministry transition there seems to be some confusion.  Not bad confusion, just general confusion.  Have we moved yet?  When are we gonna move?  Will we live in Africa? Stuff like that.  So, I thought it might be a good idea to put together a little FAQ post.  It may not be the only one.  As questions arise I will answer them on this site so that others with the same questions can get answers.  I will also maintain a full FAQ page in the top of the page links. If you have any questions or are interested in supporting us email me at


1. Have you moved yet?

No. We are still in Cape Girardeau until (see number 2). We sold our house in just three weeks and moved into Lynwood’s mission house. Therein lies the confusion.

 2. When will you move?

The simple answer is that we will move when our monthly sponsorship commitment equals our monthly financial need as we will be fully self-supporting missionaries. However, we sense the need to move in late May or early June for several reasons. We are working on that timeline and trusting God to provide. As He has called us to this ministry, we believe God will move in the hearts of His people to supply our needs through monthly giving.

 3. What determines when you move?

Again, the final determining factor will be our monthly support commitment.

4. What if I can’t give much?

We are not looking for just a few “big donors.” We are praying for God to give us many team members so each monthly gift of any size makes a huge difference. If everyone who received a letter gave just $25 per month we would already have more than our monthly need. Also, there are several ways to partner with us. We need prayer partners who will walk with us through this ministry. The Commitment Card can also be used to join our prayer team and to sign up to receive updates from us.

 5. How can I give to your ministry?

There are two ways to give:

1) The most economical and convenient way to give is through monthly automatic debit – you can fill out and submit the  the Commitment Card and ACH Debit Authorization Form by sending them to the address below, emailing them to, or calling Amy Bishop at 850-678-9008.

2) You can send a check made out to Heart of the Bride with a note designating your gift to Crisman Support to

Heart of the Bride
P.O. Box 786
Niceville, FL 32588

6. If I feel led to give when would giving start?

Anytime. When you send in your commitment a member of the Heart of the Bride staff will contact you to discuss that. If you call to set up your commitment then the process goes a little faster. You can begin giving now or when we officially transition to Heart of the Bride. All gifts given now go into our support account to help us move and get set up in Florida.

7. Will you live in Africa?

No. We will live in the northwest Florida near the Heart of the Bride home office in Niceville, FL. Brian will travel from there to the various Heart of the Bride ministries throughout the world.

 8. What is that scary statement at the bottom of your support letters?

For contributions to our support to be tax deductible the IRS requires that Heart of the Bride be in control of the funds. That statement reflects Heart of the Bride’s compliance with the IRS.   All funds donated in our name will go into our support account.

All documents you would need to join our support team as well as instructions on submitting them can be found here. 

More information about Heart of the Bride, including a statement of faith, foundational values, and information on individual ministries, can be found at