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how to sell a house

You think I’m gonna be trying to sell my house in this post don’t you?  Well, this post isn’t about that.  Unless of course, you need a house in Rainbow City, AL.  In which case, I’ve got a nice one for you.

No, it’s not about that.  My friend is also trying to sell a house and I think he’s gotten it right.  He’s observant.  He’s smart.  He travels a lot so he’s seen it all.  It works for car dealerships.  Why not houses?

If inflatable gorrillas sell cars maybe inflatable dinosaurs sell houses.  If it works, you bet I’ll put one up in front of mine.

Did I mention that I have a house to sell in a nice neighborhood in Rainbow City, AL?



my first potato gun//good old fashion fun

Tonight, I won a potato gun in a game of Dirty Santa.  It is the best Dirty Santa gift ever.  Check out the firepower:

It’s a man thing.

Thanks Brandon.  You rock!


do what?

Just looked up directions on Google Maps.  This is what it read.  Make sure you pay special attention to numbers 3, 4, and 5.

Screen shot 2009-11-13 at 2.26.05 PM

A “U-turn.”  Really?  Ramsey is a dead end street.  But make sure you take it.  And make doubly sure you make the U-turn.  It’s not so good if you don’t.

Thanks Google.  You’ve been a great help.


amazing range

If only he kept up with the pitch on the keyboard.

Is he also constipated?

You’re welcome.


warning: playing trumpet can be hazardous to your health

I signed on to YouTube yesterday morning and this video was suggested for me:

Hillarious.  I have passed out from playing high notes before but that was awesome!  Anybody know what movie that is? How old was that person smoking?  And the trashing of the trumpet made want to cry.  It was just too close to real life for me.  You see, I ran over this one with my 1990 Corsica:


I think I’ve told that story before.


who needs cable?


Pro wrestling right down the road in Piedmont.  And only $6!  Who’s going with me?

Dont’t scoff.  It’s a magical experience.  I know a guy who took a first date to one of these.  They are married now.


I’m next!

Who’s after me?