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and now it’s time for…”name that body part!”//the answer

If you didn’t read yesterday’s post read this first.

The answer (drum rolllllllllllllll): A gall bladder with a gall stone.  And what a stone to be proud of!

This pic was provided by a good surgeon friend of mine.  He removed it from another friend of mine who wouldn’t let me watch the procedure.  I was bummed.  But I did get a pic.



and now it’s time for…”name that body part!”

Ok, I made it a thumbnail for those of you with weak stomachs.  If you want to play, click the pic and tell me what body part this is:

Duh hint: it’s an internal organ.  Also, only one of those things is the organ, the other thing was inside of it.  Eew.

You’ve got until tomorrow.


so, what are we doing tomorrow?

Yeah, I almost forgot.  Pastor Randy will be back, fresh from Costa Rica.  And full I’m sure.  Can’t wait to hear how things finished up.  I know there were many decisions for Christ.  The fields are ripe down there and the works saw a great harvest for the Kingdom.  We will be back in Luke and we will sing:


Our God Saves

Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King

Mountain Mover (with choir and horns)

Fountain of Life

Oh yeah.  I said horns.  The MeadowBrook horn section will be in the house tomorrow.


random last half of week in review

Didn’t know what else to call this.

On Wednesday, the girls met the dogs.  They gave the dogs some interesting names based on the bodily functions they displayed as we walked.  For once, I will spare you the details,

On Thursday, Brotey joined us only one dog.  Now they call them Hachi and Scratchy.  I’m so proud of our kids.  They got up at 5:30 a.m., spent time in the Word, then walked with me as we discussed that and all kinds of things.

Today, same thing.  No dogs.  I let them jump in the pool for the first time this season (video coming later) and Kate sported a great yogurt mustache.  It has been a great day.

Side note, food never tastes better than when you’re coming off of a fast.  Praising God for the sense of taste.


today’s friends

These ladies accompanied me on my walk this morning.

I must say that they are much lovelier than the dogs.  And better conversationalists as well.  In fact, I don’t think I had to say much.  They rose early this morning to spend time with the Lord, then went with me on my walk.  All on their own.  It was a very pleasant surprise.

God was challenging me from a very familiar passage this morning.  Matthew 6:25-34.  He told us four times not to be anxious.  He told me not to be anxious.  He told me once again to trust.  Trust Him.  Trust His Word.  Trust His provision.  Trust His love.  God, help me to trust You.

And, for those of you who know our girls, they did get haircuts yesterday.  Big ones.  They are so beautiful.


new friends

I met these guys on a morning walk.  Seemed like an odd pair to me.  After the initial growling, they walked with my for about 15 minutes.  I tried to get them to pose for a better picture to no avail.

Yes, I said morning walk.  Remember last week when I was contemplating a break because of a lack of motivation to blog or work out.  Just kind of feeling down in some areas.  Well, God has challenged me to devote this week to Him.  Fasting, praying, and taking morning walks with Him – and perhaps these guys.  I really enjoyed it.  I love the clouds that are only lit on one side as the sun comes up.  The way the shadows are broken by beams of sun light coming in low over houses and hills and trees.  There’s really nothing else like the morning.  God is good and His mercies are in deed new every morning.  Can’t wait until tomorrow.

If you remember, I would appreciate it if you would pray for me this week.  My goal: to know Him more.  Thanks.


how do you feel about washing feet?

Especially the feet of one who was about to turn his back on you and give you up to be killed?  Jesus did.

I’m reading the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ last full day before His crucifixion.  You can see the anticipation of celebrating the Passover one more time with His disciples.  But this time, taking it further.  Explaining how He would fulfill all that it symbolized.  You can see His deep love for them.

The meal and the room had been prepared.  The sweet smell of Lamb mixed with fresh baked bread filled the air.  The bitter herbs gave a little bite to the fragrance as they were broken.  Everyone was settled around the table ready to eat.  I bet their mouths were watering.  Then Jesus did something unexpected.

John says that He “loved them to the end.”  And knowing that Judas had already been led by Satan to betray Him, Jesus got up from the table.  He poured water into a basin and began to wash their feet.  All of their feet.  Peter resisted at first.  I’m sure it was a little uncomfortable.  As weird as it feels to serve sometimes, often it’s even harder to be served.  I wonder what happened when He came to Judas.  Did they make eye contact?  Was Judas nervous or smug?  If we could see what was happening in that room would we sympathized with his internal struggle and route for him to change his mind or loathe him for his arrogant attitude?  It didn’t matter.  Jesus willingly and lovingly washed the feet of His betrayer along with the feet of every disciple in the room.

So what about us?  The idea of washing feet makes me feel a little nauseous.  The idea of washing the feet of my enemy makes my back stiffen in defiance.  But then Jesus brings it home.  As He washed their feet, so we should wash one another’s feet.  As His disciples, we should serve one another.  No one should feel superior to others, above serving them.  The church, His church, should be about feet washing.  The church, His church, should be about serving one another.  The church, His church, should be about serving those inside and outside of the church.  The church, His church, should be about serving the lost, the faithful, the hurting, the resentful, the prideful, the worshiper, the one who stands each Sunday with their arms folded, the giver, the taker, the stronger supporter, the one who talks against everything the church tries to do…everyone.

Really, we should be about love.  Jesus’ motivation that night was clear – love.  Start with John 13 today and read about Christ’s love for His disciples and for us.

It’s Easter week and I’m so giddy.  Tomorrow night MeadowBrook with gather at 6pm to focus on the cross.  Then Sunday, Sunday we celebrate His resurrection.  What an awesome week.