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If you follow our updates on FB then you know our big news.  God has led us to adopt.  We prayed about it for years and pursued a sweet little boy in Kenya but before we could even begin the formal process Kenya closed adoption.  Of course, we rest in the will of God and know he is well cared for by our partners at House of Hope Home.  And, we see him regularly.  Ultimately, God was saving a spot for a little boy who is in a different situation.  After Kenya adoption closed we prayed about adopting from a place where the kids received less care and attention and would have much less of a chance at hearing the gospel.  China is one of those places.  We felt led to adopt a boy because, well let’s face it folks, there are far less males in our family than females.  Brotey needs a brother and for housing, it just makes sense.  So, about a month ago we were moved to begin this process officially.  We started filling out paperwork and looking at waiting child profiles on the web with the organization we felt led to work with.  We looked at one and prayed through his file.  They give you a week to decide.  It was a tough decision but very obvious because we found that we couldn’t even get the therapy he needed in this area.  Then, on Thursday, December 1, Sonya called to inquire of a little boy on the Waiting Child list.  Our sweet friend in the office told Sonya that instead of the week we would usually have we only had until that afternoon.  His file was due back in China the next day.  The race was on.

By the end of the day we felt very confirmed and at peace that he is the one.  He is our sonli and the process has now begun to bring him home.  So, here is the “cool” part of the story.  When Sonya called to tell them we were a “yes” on him, they were ecstatic.  Our friend told us that they had been waiting on “pins and needles” all day for our call, and here’s why.  That morning the lady who processes the return files to China started on a stack of files.  At some point, she went to make coffee but the coffee maker was broken.  She decided to go to Starbucks for the office.  While she was gone, Sonya called to ask about our boy.  When our friend, knowing his file was in the return pile, went to retrieve his file, it was on top.  It was the very next one to be returned, and once returned, it cannot be retrieved.  So, had the coffee pot not broken or Sonya waited a little longer to call, he would have been gone.  Out of reach.  Lost within a huge system.  The ladies in the office believed it was providence and awaited confirmation.  Some times I think God has fun while he’s working miracles.  He throws a little something fun in the mix just for us.  I don’t have a biblical reference for that, just experience.  If you know how much the Crismans like coffee, a Starbucks run saving our son for us is just what I’m talking about.

li-ming-4The timeline is about 6 months.  That’s totally unexpected to us.  We figured on a regular process of 9 months to a year.  That means a lot of paperwork, government filing, home studies, and money due very soon.  In fact, once our official application and references have been approved there will be a rather large payment due to continue with our home study.  If you want to participate in that right now we have site set up for general donations here (I wish this were different, but the government will not let these donations be tax deductible. They are personal gifts and separate from our ministry support, but every penny will be accounted for and used solely for adoption expenses):

Help with Our Adoption

We cannot do this on our own.  We will need the body of Christ to help us.  Heading into the new year you will begin to hear about our fundraisers including the 3,000 mile adoption challenge where you will be able to sponsor miles that Brotey and I run and bike and/or get your own miles sponsored to support our adoption if you are a runner, cyclist, or triathlete.  There may even be a prize or two involved for those who get miles sponsored.  And so, the race is on…literally.

We will update this blog with the latest so watch the feed to keep up with what’s going on. Thank you all for your prayer and support!

Update: Our first fundraiser has already begun.  It’s called Miles For Ming.  Please visit www.MilesForMing.com to get involved and help us bring Li Ming home.

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