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breathing theory//or just an excuse for being out of shape

Went for a 3.1 mile run this morning.  Not bad.  But don’t ask about the time.  It wasn’t impressive.  However, my body could go much farther if my wind could.  What’s the deal?  I’ve spent much of my life building my wind for trumpet playing and singing.

I was thinking about this while panting my way through the last mile when I pondered the difference in breathing for musical performance and breathing for long distance racing (yes, 3.1 miles is long distance to me – no wise cracks please).  I’ve trained my body for quick inhalation and long exhalation for sustained notes.  My body is used to having my lungs full of air and using the oxygen over a long period of time.  When I run, I obviously breathe faster and my body needs to process the oxygen at a quicker rate.  So, has my training for trumpet playing and singing made breathing for running harder?  Are they mutually exclusive or can I get better?

Or, am I just making excuses for being out of shape?

Be honest, but not cruel.