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and a little child shall lead them


Look at us.  Great minds must think alike.  We totally dressed this way on accident.  Unless Sonya had something to do with it. Hmm.

Anyway, that’s not why I’m writing.  No, not at all. Right now we (Lynwood) are being challenged in many ways by the Lord.  One of those is to live a more inviting lifestyle toward the lost and unchurched.  To stop being afraid and get to know them intentionally to share the gospel.  This is gonna lead to some pretty cool, challenging stuff.  But right now the task is simple: invite people to a service on February 5 where the gospel is gonna be shared.  Sounds easy, right?  So why isn’t it that easy?  I mean anyone can do it.  Right?  Right.  And let me tell you about someone who does it.

Brotey.  My little man.  My best buddy.  He does it. Over Christmas break, my parents took us to The Olive Garden.  Brotey got chicken strips.  Yes, chicken strips at The Olive Garden. But, again, that’s beside the point. My mom told us later that Brotey asked her if he would go to jail if he asked our servers where they went to church.  Of course, she told him that he wouldn’t.  Without hesitation he asked both of them if they went to church and, when they responded in the affirmative, where they went to church.  I was so proud.

A few weeks later, we took the kids to Applebee’s.  Brotey immediately asked us to ask our server where she went to church.  We agreed but apparently didn’t get it done fast enough.  As she lowered Brotey’s food over his shoulder he asked her and probed until he got an answer!  And he made it look so easy!

Then, we find out that he’s been reading the bible to one of his friends during recess at school. I can’t begin to describe how that makes me feel. He has always had a heart for the lost.  He’s always concerned for friends, family, or anyone he sees on T.V. Literally, I can’t tell you how many times he has asked us if a particular person on T.V. loves Jesus.

So, Brotey can do it. We can too.  Come on Lynwood.  Let’s get to it.  And if you go to another church, get to it as well!



Brotey? Robin Hood? hard to tell

Saturday, my boy got his archery badge on his second attempt.  He’d never even touched a bow before.  One lesson.  Second round.  4 out of 6.  Way to go!


Brotey eats his first worm//that’s my boy

Brotey vomits if we make him try a piece of chicken.  But today, with just a suggestion that he eat a worm, here’s what he did:

But then:

I still can’t believe he did it.  Sonya can’t believe I let him!


gotta brag

My boy is in the 1st grade.  On Monday he decided to read a 217 page 5th grade level book.

He did it.  In one day.  Then, he asked his teacher if he could test on it for Accelerated Reader points.  He made a 90 and earned 3 AR points.  I don’t think I read that many pages in one day until I was in seminary.  Really.

That’s my boy.


another proud day

I had the great honor of baptizing my son, Brotey, yesterday.  There are few things that compare with this joy.

And he didn’t even throw up in the baptistry!


Brotey C.

And now, a story from the imagination of Brotey C., just as he wrote it:

The Magic ball by Brotey C.

Once upon a time there was a Magic ball. and then Victoria picked the ball up.  and then Victoria kicked the ball and the ball flew and Flew.  and then Victoria threw the ball and the ball Went to the sky.  and then the ball came alive.

the end

That’s my boy’s new hobby.  Story writing, not magic balls.


secret identity

Brotey went to school as Clark Kent turning into Superman this morning.


I must admit it was rather comical watching Krista pull Superman from the car.

Happy Festivus!